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Ballsy Questions You Should Ask In a Job Interview

With the upcoming recession, jobs are going to be at a premium. When faced with a surplus of qualified candidates for an ever-shrinking pool of jobs, you better make sure you catch the eye during your interview. Instead of struggling to find the right questions, here are three ballsy ones that we wish candidates will ask more often.

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Save the planet through Virtual Events

The trend for events globally over the past few years have been on sustainability. Organisers around the world are starting to realise how much carbon footprint they are leaving behind every three-day convention. It’s no wonder the need to minimise our impact on the environment should be a priority. Virtual events are the unlikely saviours.

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Work-Life Balance is Dead

Technology has undeniably changed the way we work. We are always on our phones, and it has become virtually impossible for us to separate work from our private lives. Being easily able to connect to work all the time has killed our work-life balance.

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Here’s How to Get More Traffic to Your Virtual Events

Virtual and online events allow businesses to reach a global audience with hundreds of people in different places at different times. However, promoting a virtual event is vastly different from a live one, and there is nothing more heartbreaking than pouring your soul into an event only to have no attendees. Here are two specific event advertising strategies that will ensure your online program won’t get lost in the digital shuffle.

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