Corporate Family Day Theme – Fun Ideas

Corporate family day theme ideas can be presented in a variety of unique and interesting ways. By far, one of the most popular corporate family day theme ideas is to dress like your favourite movie star or pop culture icon. Movie themes are so popular because everyone enjoys watching movies. When you dress like your favourite movie star or pop culture icon, it will bring a smile to everyone’s face and they will remember your company’s corporate family day theme ideas for years to come.

It’s summertime and you’re wondering what to do with your family day at the office? You can have a lot of fun by choosing one of these themes for your family day.

Beach Day:

Bring in some beach towels, sunscreen, flip flops, sunglasses, and other accessories to help set the mood. Have everyone wear their bathing suits under their clothes so they are ready for an afternoon dip in the pool or ocean. Serve ice cream floats after lunch as a special treat!

Picnic Day: 

Set up tables outside with picnic blankets on top so people don’t have to worry about ants crawling on them while eating lunch outdoors. Place large bowls of potato salad, pasta salad, fruit salad, cold cuts, sandwiches, and iced tea for people to serve themselves.

Pot Luck Day: 

As an alternative to catering your family day at work or ordering pizzas, ask everyone in the office to bring their favourite dish that they would like to share with others. This is a great way of broadening horizons since someone might make something you wouldn’t normally eat otherwise! 

Oktoberfest Theme: 

Serve German sausages (bratwurst), Bavarian pretzels (soft baked bread), and potato salad as well as other traditional food items. Fill up some kegs with beer instead of soda pop; it’s more fun anyway! 

Italian Family Dinner Night:

Have an Italian feast by serving spaghetti and meatballs, iced tea (sweetened) and 

Mexican Fiesta: 

Have a fiesta theme where everyone wears sombreros instead of their usual work attire. Serve up tacos filled with beef or chicken as well as iced tea (unsweetened). 

Carnival Night: 

A carnival night in the office can be fun for all ages! Set up games like ring tosses and other fair-style games in different rooms to make sure you don’t have too many people crowded into one place at once. Invite local businesses that are having sales on kids’ clothing or summer fashion accessories so employees can take advantage of great deals after they’re done playing at the carnival. 

Bowling Night 

At the local bowling alley with pizza and soda for everyone. Ask employees to wear their best neon colors or bright shirts!

A corporate family day theme is not the only way you can promote family fun. Remember that a day at the beach or at the park can provide a lot of fun for the entire family, as well. By including your children in these activities, you can help them understand what fun things are happening within the workplace. Even if your employees know that they’re going to get some fun and relaxation time on the job, by including them in family activities like picnics and beach days, you can give them an added reason to be happy and to enjoy their workday.