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5 Marketing Mistakes Event Planners Make

Planning a conference or event is no easy task. The last thing you want is to build fantastic programming, have top-notch speakers and not have any attendees. Here are five common mistakes event planners make that affect the success of their events.

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Stop Believing These Lies about Work-Life Balance

Life is a unique experience, and so is the process of trying to balance it with work. There are many lies on the internet that stops you from setting realistic expectations of what an actual career looks like. Here are five lies you need to stop believing about work-life balance.

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Why Work-Life Balance Should Matter to You

Work-life balance has been explored for about 40 years, but it hasn’t been in such focus as in the past months. With no physical boundary to work and home, you need a clear plan to avoid falling into a rut. You need to be wary of the potential implications of losing your work-life balance.

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