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We have been specialising in team building games and activities since 2012. Get Out!® offers both virtual and hybrid team building, so you can find the right fit for your needs. Our goal is to help companies build stronger teams by providing them with fun, interactive programmes.

You’ll never have to worry about finding a way to keep your employees engaged again when they come back to the office or even if they’re still working from home.

We provide everything you need for an engaging experience. Your employees will always be excited to participate because of our unique approach to team-building exercises.

We offer a wide variety of interactive, engaging, and innovative exercises that will help your employees work better together. Our games are designed to be fun, challenging, and meaningful. They’re perfect for any size group or organization – from small teams to large corporations.

All you have to do is show up on game day ready to play some awesome games with your teammates and enjoy yourself!

Teamwork is one of the most important aspects in today’s society. It not only allows for a smoother work environment, but it also builds stronger relationships between colleagues. No team will ever be successful without teamwork!

Teams are a group of people who...

work together in order to accomplish something. They can be seen as the foundation that keeps many organisations running smoothly, but they also have their downsides such as creating competition and rivalry amongst its members or leading towards certain groups dominating others.

There are many benefits to teamwork which include the ability to share ideas and information, explore various perspectives for problem solving, concentrate on different tasks at once with a single focus of attention.

An engaged team can take advantage of each person's individual strengths as well as their weaknesses without feeling neglected or put-down about it because they know that everyone is working towards common goals.

By having more people around you who have your back when need be means less stress overall in the long run!

We're virtual event experts

Virtual team building

As the world becomes more virtual, people have to find ways to work together without physically being in the same place. This can be difficult when it comes to team building and getting everyone on board with company goals. Virtual team building activities and games has been proven to make employees happier and more connected as a result.

we're not sure if it's for you, but...

…here are 6 reasons why we think you should organise a Virtual Team Building this year:

Cost Effective

Virtual team building activities are a generally cheaper to organise than a physical event, and our team can help you get the most out of your organisation’s allocated budget.


Virtual team building activities are more inclusive because they allow people from all backgrounds to participate without having geographical constraints like travel costs or accessibility issues.

Wider Audience

A virtual team building activity provide an opportunity for networking outside of your usual circles and connecting with colleagues from other countries – this could lead to valuable collaborations down the line!


There is more flexibility with team building activities, which means you don’t have to stick to a schedule or plan everything beforehand, and you can change things on the fly if needed.


Virtual team building activities reduces environmental impact by reducing carbon emissions from transport and reduces waste.

Greater Interaction

Everything a participant needs is literally one click away. Virtual events are less formal than in-person events which may make them more fun and engaging for attendees.

The team was very lost initially, until somebody recommended that we should get in touch with Get Out!®, and I must say that that is the best move that we have done. They have exceeded our expectations.


how would feel if you had a team to hand-hold you throughout your entire virtual event planning process

Imagine the relief of having a team to hand-hold you throughout your entire virtual event planning process. You don’t have to worry about any of the details – from creating a team building activity, to finding professional facilitators, to deciding on what platform to run it on, we’ve got it covered! 

Our services are designed with one goal in mind:
making sure that your event is a success.

Our clients trust our event advice and engage us to manage their most important events. Our service levels are unparalleled in the events industry in Singapore and we guarantee your team building objectives are met 100% of the time.

We’ve stood by our commitment to excellence for more than a decade. We are passionate about delivering the highest quality of service and customer satisfaction, ensuring that your event is spectacular!

virtual Events CAN be engaging

Everything was smoothly done, the event was just great. It was the first virtual event for us. The Get Out!® team was just fantastic, they were constantly feeding us information about what to do next. I will highly recommend this to another company.

Juniper Networks

Just imagine working with a team who hand-holds and guides you through your next team building activity.

so, what are some virtual team building activities we have to help you build stronger teams?

Imagine the benefits of overcoming geographical and cultural differences… Imagine a team committed to collaboration, innovation, and creativity.

amazing race

compete in a thrilling journey around the world

Play Video

Participants are put into individual ‘race breakout rooms’ where they can discuss and delegate tasks and be connected in real time as they’re led to famous landmarks in different countries and cities in virtual scenes. They will be tasked with a variety of challenges and fact finding missions to complete in order to move on in the race. Only the quickest and most efficient working teams will be able to reach and complete them all and get to the finish point first. 

Teams will be presented with a combination of live cultural challenges and cryptic challenges to complete as they traverse the virtual race route. Each challenge will usually take about 15 minutes to complete. 

It didn’t feel very virtual even though we were alone in front of our screens. It felt like we’re together. It was very smooth, and didn’t have any issues. We had great support from the Get Out team while we were setting up this, and you accommodated to all our needs! I would recommend anyone to do this!

International Baccalaureate Organization

virtual HUNT

Race around the globe in a virtual adventure with your team

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Virtual Hunt is an interactive scavenger hunt that combines physical and virtual elements. You can choose from a variety of missions, all which are customisable to suit your preferences. The best part about it? You can play it solo or as a team!

With this game, there’s no limit on what you can do – whether that means exploring new places in the city or going off-road into nature. All of our games have been designed with creativity in mind so they never get boring! Whether you want to go on an adventure through town or explore uncharted territory, we have something for everyone. And if you need help finding clues, just ask one of our friendly staff members who will be happy to assist!

The event went really well, and everyone was quite happy. I can hear some people laughing in the office. We managed to get this done in a really short time, really good job to everyone! The experience was seamless and your team made yourselves available whenever we needed, great job guys!



Put your wits to the test with this Team escape challenge!

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Teams work together and race against the clock to escape by solving riddles and completing challenges in a series of locked virtual escape rooms. Compete to be the first to find the final solution and breakout!

Participants are put into small teams and “locked” in a breakout room together. Using our simple web app and conferencing software, teams are faced with unravelling a series of puzzles. These challenges will test participants’ abilities to work together and communicate as a team, and often draw on a variety of strengths and skills, so teams will need to delegate tasks strategically as well. 

The whole experience with Get Out! has been quite exciting, you made us really excited about the event and helped us a lot with planning. You met all our requirements, and even during the event day your support was there and reliable. Your team was very responsive to the help that we needed, and during the event a lot of them were very engaged.


murder mystery

Watch a murder mystery unravel before your very eyes

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You will be amazed by how your brain works while you try to figure out the culprit. Your teams will take part in a series of scenes with roles and characters and witness the all-important crime itself. During the course of the activity, using their best sleuthing skills, teams must collect evidence, solve clues and find the killer. 

Join our lively hosts who will guide you through it all and unlock your super sleuthing skills. 

"The first thing I remember was the sound of blood-curdling screams. The second was the feeling of terror, gripping my heart and refusing to let go. I couldn't see anything as darkness surrounded me, but the fear in my chest seemed to be increasing with every passing second. My breath came out in short gasps, like a panting dog, but I did nothing about it because I knew if I stopped moving for even one moment... Death would come for me too."

I think it was a fun event. The event turned out better than expected and I received a lot of messages from my colleagues saying “Congratulations to a successful virtual event”. Everybody was excited, I could feel that, even though we were not physically together. We had such a short time to put this together but it was a good done done!



hidden fortress

Get the team out of the office/home for a few hours, in a safe and compliant setting, and solve the mystery of singapore

"The world thinks that we lost Singapore to the Japanese in 1942 because we were misled... but THE TRUTH lies on this beautiful island of Sentosa… and we need you to find it...Our large-calibre coastal guns were turned to face the invading enemy… but they were ineffective because General Percival was given the wrong intelligence… ”

When the way we work changes, it can cause social and psychological problems at home and in your office.

Hidden Fortress is a 2-hour hybrid team building activity run on the island of Sentosa. It will help your team bridge the transition back to the workplace. Engage in a few fun activities and games with your team, to get them out of the office or home for awhile.

who are we

We have run over 2,000 events since 2012, both in-person and virtual events. We have also consulted for and met with over 10,000 professionals, managed remote teams both large and small and regularly develop new ideas on building better relationships through events. We know how it works, and we know how to do it for you.

2020 has reminded us how fragile our planet actually is, and we are now inspired to create sustainable and highly engaging virtual events with our clients and partners.

Join us in our movement to change the world of events.
Felix & Stacy Sim

Felix & Stacy Sim


From the start to the end, the process was very seamless because they’re always on the dot when replying. And they’ve really helped throughout the event. A lot of our SEA employees were engaged throughout the event, and the team made it very smooth and very fun.


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