Just imagine working with a team who hand-holds and guides you through your next virtual Event.

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Imagine the relief of having a team to hand-hold you throughout your entire virtual event planning process. You don’t have to worry about any of the details – from finding a virtual event platform, designing collateral and arranging food deliveries, we’ve got it covered! Imagine how much time you’ll save not scouring websites for vendors or scrambling to find a virtual event emcee. 

Our services are designed with one goal in mind: making sure that your virtual event is a success.

Our clients trust our event advice and engage us to manage their most important events. Our service levels are unparalleled in the Virtual Events Singapore industry and we guarantee your event objectives are met 100% of the time.

We’ve stood by our commitment to excellence for more than a decade. We are passionate about delivering the highest quality of service and customer satisfaction, ensuring that your event is spectacular!

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virtual Family Day

Imagine a company-wide event where everyone is invited. Employees are able to bring their spouses and children, too! It’s not just the employees who have fun – they get to connect with their family members in an entirely new way. 

virtual Dinner & Dance

Imagine this. Attending a virtual dinner and dance event that has non-stop, concurrent entertainment. An EXACT replica of a physical event but, in the safety of your own home.

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“How To Successfully Host


Without Worrying About Technology, A Bored Audience, Or Negative Feedback From Your Attendees...”

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Online Team Building

When people search for Virtual Events Singapore, many are looking for an online team building programme for their company. Virtual Hunt is a 100% virtual team building programme. It’s a virtual treasure hunt that you play with your colleagues from the safety of your home. This game will get you interacting with people from all different backgrounds and new connections are made every day! Participants will be randomly selected into teams, so they can’t fall back on their cliques to help them win the game. Learn how to work together by playing Virtual Hunt!

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we'll plan a real virtual event for you
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here are five reasons why you should engage us
  1. We’ve organised over 2,000 events since 2012. We know what you need from the first email to the day of your event.

  2. We built and own the platforms that we use to plan your virtual event. This means that if you need a feature that we don’t already have, we can build it for you.

  3. In three months, countless events have been run on our platforms. We’ve done celebrations, team building, conferences, workshops… and a lot more!

  4. We are obsessed about your event. We eat, breathe, sleep your event flow, design, production, technical checks, attendee support…. your event is a part of our lives. We take things personally.

  5. Our team is honest, and fun to work with. We see this as a journey that we take together. Working with us is an enjoyable process that all our clients go through.
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3 Factors to Consider When Selecting a Virtual Event Organiser

There are a few factors to consider when selecting an event organiser. 

The first thing to look out for is their reputation and experience level. You want someone who has been in the industry for a while, and who knows what they are doing! 

Second, you will have to decide if you would like a virtual event or not. Virtual events allow attendees to watch presentations from home on their own time schedule; this can also be cheaper than traditional live events!

 Lastly, it’s important that you choose an event organiser who has the same values as your company (and is willing to do things your way).



There are thousands of event organisers in Singapore, and every day there are new ones who enter the industry. To choose one, you will have to look into their reputation and experience. Ideally, an event organiser should be a veteran in the industry and know what they are doing. 

If it’s not possible to find someone with this level of expertise, then make sure that whoever you hire has been working in the industry for at least five years or more – otherwise, chances are they might not be ready to address any issues during your events.

virtual event experience

Some people like live events better than virtual ones because it is easier to socialise and network face-to-face; however, there are many advantages of having a virtual event too! For example, they are more cost-effective and it is a more sustainable choice. 

If you choose to go with a virtual event, make sure your event organiser has a proven track record of organising multiple successful virtual events in recent months. 

Technology changes so quickly so your virtual events organiser has to constantly be aware of what’s new out there.


Most event organisers started offering virtual event services because they were forced by COVID-19. Running live events was no longer possible, and this was the most logical thing to do. 

However, this doesn’t mean that they have the same values that your company has. Make sure you find someone who shares your company values. 

virtual Dinner & Dance

Since it is difficult to have everyone gather in the same place for a physical dinner & dance, consider going digital! These activities are a great way to say thank you and celebrate your team for putting in the hard work throughout the year during their most challenging times.

There are many benefits to virtual dinner and dance in Singapore. For example, the team will be able to spend time together without being from different cities or countries. It’s a way for colleagues and friends who have not seen one another in years to get back into contact with each other.

Virtual dinner and dance let you host virtual events at your convenience and in a way that is convenient for attendees. Host exciting productions streamed live or have some fun with interesting activities as planned, all from the comfort of your home!

Virtual family day

There’s no need for elaborate decorations or expensive activities. All you need is a computer and an internet connection to access our virtual corporate family day solution. We provide all the tools necessary to create a unique experience that will be engaging for everyone involved!

Before your event, we’ll guide you through the complexities of bringing on board different engagement activities to make your virtual family day event a perfect one. We’ll propose entertainment options, children workshops, and even activities for adults. 

We’ll also provide a virtual event planner with everything you need to know about making your family day experience the best it can be. The more you have in mind for your own event, the easier we make it for you!

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Remote Work & Corporate Event Articles

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How to Turn a Live Event Into a Virtual One

Live events are being cancelled all around the globe, and yet we know we can’t go another year without live interactions. Businesses are suffering without event marketing in their repertoire, and that’s a huge issue. Imagine how valuable you will be to your company if you have the know-how to convert a physical event to a virtual one without cancelling? Here are five essential steps to make that happen.

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Ballsy Questions You Should Ask In a Job Interview

With the upcoming recession, jobs are going to be at a premium. When faced with a surplus of qualified candidates for an ever-shrinking pool of jobs, you better make sure you catch the eye during your interview. Instead of struggling to find the right questions, here are three ballsy ones that we wish candidates will ask more often.

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Save the planet through Virtual Events

The trend for events globally over the past few years have been on sustainability. Organisers around the world are starting to realise how much carbon footprint they are leaving behind every three-day convention. It’s no wonder the need to minimise our impact on the environment should be a priority. Virtual events are the unlikely saviours.

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