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Online Team Building

Virtual Hunt is a 100% virtual team building programme. Virtual Hunt is specially designed to build relationships. Participants will be randomly selected into teams, so they can’t fall back into their cliques. Learn to work with anyone and everyone to win the game! 

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virtual Photobooth

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virtual family day

Family days have always been an event that companies look forward to. It is the best opportunity for employees and their family to interact and engage freely with each other, and with their bosses. 
Zoom can’t let you do that. Interchange can.

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virtual Gala / dinner and dance

Annual gala dinner / dinner and dance events is the best way to appreciate your employees at a large scale. This is the event of the year, where attendees expect to be appreciate for the contribution they made to the company. You can’t this as a live event – not at scale. But you have to replicate this virtually.
Zoom can’t let you do that. Interchange can.

we'll plan a real virtual event for you
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here are five reasons why you should engage us
  1. We’ve organised over 2,000 events since 2012. We know what you need from the first email to the day of your event.

  2. We built and own the platform that we use to plan your virtual event. This means that if you need a feature that we don’t already have, we can build it for you.

  3. In three months, countless events have been run on our platform. We’ve done celebrations, team building, conferences, workshops… and a lot more!

  4. We are obsessed about your event. We eat, breathe, sleep your event flow, design, production, technical checks, attendee support…. your event is a part of our lives. We take things personally.

  5. Our team is honest, and fun to work with. We see this as a journey that we take together. Working with us is an enjoyable process that all our clients go through.
let's chat, we'll show you
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other Virtual Event Platforms

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Virtual Hunt

Virtual Scavenger hunt

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virtual platform

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3D World

virtual events

Virtual Event Testimonials

Live Event Testimonials

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Amgen Dinner & Dance
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Times Publishing Family Day
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Fullerton Health Dinner & Dance
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Under Armour Team Building & Dinner
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Microsoft Family Day
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KSL Family Day
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Air Force Family Day
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Fokker Family Day

About Our Co-Founders

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Giant Inflatables Bouncy Castle Rental

Thinking of renting an inflatable bouncy castle for your upcoming family day? Or maybe you’ve come across some other websites promoting “Giant Inflatable Slides” for rent? Check out the inflatables that we have to offer! The only in inflatable rental company in Singapore that has everything in XXL size, at pretty much the same price as the other “large inflatables in Singapore” that you can find online! Our giant inflatables can be rented for kids and adults, and come in local designs and flavours!

Be as creative as you want with these inflatables. Use them individually for your events, or combine them to form the largest Singapore-themed obstacle course in the world. Our Singapore-themed inflatable obstacle course is ready for action when you are!

Corporate Dinner & Dance

At Get Out! Events, we have a dedicated team that relishes any opportunity to produce thematic dinner and dance events. We have a proven track record of helping corporates in Singapore and beyond execute every step of the process of planning the most memorable corporate annual dinner and dance. Our productions are creative and engaging, and we work with the most reputable industry partners to ensure your D&D event is delivered on time and within budget. We are also masters at maximising your event budget!

Family Day Carnivals

We’re specialists in organising Corporate Events in Singapore. From a 150 pax family carnival for Microsoft Singapore, to a 3,000 pax full-on family festival with Accenture Singapore, we’re the team that delivers an event planning experience you’ll crave for again and again! Give us a date, and let us handle the rest. We have designed our family day package to include all you need to run a successful and fun family day for your company, and if you ever need us to go a little further with the event simply take a look at our optional top-ups.

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Get Out! Talents

Amazing hosts and stage talents for your events

Wesley Mathews

As a professional event emcee and live streamer, Emcee Wesley is the perfect host for your virtual event. Whether it’s for virtual teambuilding, family day or dinner and dance, Wesley guarantees your attendees will be super attentive to what’s going on in your virtual event. Being able to balance both energy and detail in his presentations, expect your participants to be well engaged and be fully aware as well of the tasks at hand. Wesley is also very efficient as both a Dinner & Dance and Family Day emcee. 

Virtual Emcee Singapore
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Sylvia Tham

Sylvia began hosting events close to 20 years ago. She is effectively bilingual in English and Mandarin. Whether it is a formal corporate dinner, weddings, voice over recordings or exciting and interactive roadshow, you can rest assured your event is in good hands. 

TK Jiang - Get Out! Events

TK Jiang

Magician TK Jiang is one of the few digital magicians in Singapore. He has received many accolades for his magic shows, and is gaining popularity worldwide, especially after impressing Korean-American judge Jay Park so much during Asia’s Got Talent Season 3 auditions that he was given the “Golden Buzzer”, which allowed him to automatically advance to the semi-finals. 

There is never a dull moment with TK on stage.

What our say!

Hundreds of Team Building Activities to Choose From!

Remote Work & Corporate Event Articles

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How to Turn a Live Event Into a Virtual One

Live events are being cancelled all around the globe, and yet we know we can’t go another year without live interactions. Businesses are suffering without event marketing in their repertoire, and that’s a huge issue. Imagine how valuable you will be to your company if you have the know-how to convert a physical event to a virtual one without cancelling? Here are five essential steps to make that happen.

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Ballsy Questions You Should Ask In a Job Interview

With the upcoming recession, jobs are going to be at a premium. When faced with a surplus of qualified candidates for an ever-shrinking pool of jobs, you better make sure you catch the eye during your interview. Instead of struggling to find the right questions, here are three ballsy ones that we wish candidates will ask more often.

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Save the planet through Virtual Events

The trend for events globally over the past few years have been on sustainability. Organisers around the world are starting to realise how much carbon footprint they are leaving behind every three-day convention. It’s no wonder the need to minimise our impact on the environment should be a priority. Virtual events are the unlikely saviours.

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