7 Wonderful GoKart Race Locations in Singapore

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Feeling the need for speed and want to do some Go-Karting with friends, family and fellow co-workers? go cart driver in helmetGo-Kart racing has become a popular pastime and event for corporate parties and casual gatherings. Lucky for you, there are a lot of GoKart race location in Singapore that you can try out today. Not only will these locations give you your money’s worth, but they will also satisfy gear heads and those who want to race for fun.

1. The KF1 Karting Circuit

Looking for premiere Go Karting in the Jurong area? You can’t go wrong with the KF1 Karting Circuit, which is one of the most popular arenas in the city. The circuit offers a wide range of karting services that’s sure to please everyone. KF1 allows night racing as it’s a CIK-FIA approved track. A quick look at the brochure and the site and you’ll see various packages for families, team building programs and corporate events. The dedicated employees ensure that all karting is done within safety confines and all the participants need is to have fun. What’s more, the tracks are realistic, complete with a checkered flag, racecar models and lighting. The facilities are professional and have all the amenities of major racing circuits. You can be sure that your day will be well spent once you step inside the go-kart location. You can even download the app to check your race stats. KF1 holds the title for having the longest track in Singapore (at 960 meters) and offers Grand Prix style racing as well.

2. The Karting Arena

helmet on karting circuitThe Karting Arena has some good Go Kart Singapore reviews that you can see online. Like major gokarting locations, TKA offers casual karting, Grand Prix style racing and events for occasions such as corporate team building and birthdays. The circuit itself measures 500 meters long and features 11 corners. It’s a specially-designed track that has a perfect combination of tight corners, 90-degree turns, long sweepers and hairpins that will challenge even the most seasoned gokart racer. Overtaking points make races incredibly fun as there are multiple opportunities to lead. Moreover, the arena boasts that their track is the safest in all of Singapore. On site, there’s an outdoor sheltered area and a private event lounge. The go-kart location is in close proximity to other sports fields, restaurants, pubs and shuttle buses and parking for coaches and cars.

3. Kartright Speedway

Nestled within the prestigious Arena Country Club, Kartright Speedway is a length of competition-level race track that’s 7 meters wide and 750 meters long. This go karting location was the first flood-lit track in all of Singapore since its opening in 2009. view from gokart driverThe facility boasts a 2-storey pit building that’s replete with a viewing gallery, a pit lane and several corporate rooms for events. The Kartright Speedway can accommodate 10 kart racers at any one time. Go Kart Singapore prices for this infamous track starts at $25 for students and $70 for 2-seater adult rides. The location may be away from the main city but the track promises a day of fun and karting at speeds of up to 130 kmh.

4. Maximum Drift Karting Arena

Maximum Drift is unlike other gokart racing locations in Singapore as the tracks are primarily made for drifting. The outdoor strip is lighted to accommodate night driving; you’ll twist and turn the steering wheel of your kart in an effort to navigate the tight corners with nothing but your wits and the roar of the engine. The gokart location offers several kart options depending on your preference and event. The Baby kart has a top speed of 3.22 km/h and is best for 2 to 4 year olds; the Basic kart has a top speed of 19.31 km/h and is best for individuals aged 5 and up. Pros can ride on the Advanced kart and achieve top speeds of 36 km/h. The company even offers off-site karting for company carnivals and functions at your preferred location. All the staff are professional and are certified to ensure safety and well-being at all times.

5. Element Motorsports

gokart racer on trackElement Motorsports offers affordable go karting in Singapore, with low prices for racers of all ages. Interested individuals and corporate planners can visit the location at Turf Club Avenue near the Grandstand. The track has a variety of challenges for both amateur and pro karters alike. The gokarts themselves are similar to the ones used in professional karting circuits, which promise an authentic go karting experience for those who are interested.

6. HoverGP Singapore

Karting shouldn’t have to be racing in a straight line. How would you like to play a real game of Mario Kart as part of your next family event or team building activity? The best part is that you can set it up anywhere, and participants won’t need a driver’s license to join. The HoverGP HoverKart Race emulates popular game Mario Kart, complete with themed racers, costumes and throwables. The objective depends on whether you choose to Race or compete with each other via Balloon Battle. The kart location can be indoors or outdoors and in small spaces as well. The karts themselves are electric powered and are safe to drive. You, your family and teammates can focus in on the fun and the unique go-karting experience. It’s definitely a must-try for your next outdoor event!

7. Permas Go-Kart Club

gokart race driverIf you have the time, try out the Permas Go-Kart Club over at Johor, Malaysia. It may be an hour-long ride from Singapore, but the trip is well worth it. Kart racers can show up on the tracks without booking or reservations. The lush countryside is bright, airy, and the natural landscape works as a welcome alternative to the bustling city life. The staff is well-versed in the safety procedures of racing around tracks and know how to operate their go-karts. Kids will have a wonderful time riding their vehicles around the tracks and competing against each other. The karts they have there aren’t too many, but the price is perfectly reasonable for a round or two. Moreover, the track features advanced hairpin bends and the straightaways allow you to go full throttle at 50 km/h.

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