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“Virtual Hunts are not only fun, but can also be customised to align with your session objectives. YOUR TEAM will achieve improved interpersonal relationships in 90 minutes.”

Virtual Team Building

Your employees have been working together for a long time, and things have been going great. There’s a certain level of comfort and trust that comes along with that, but it also comes with a certain level of complacency. If you want to push your team towards new heights of collaboration, innovation and efficiency, it’s time for a change. A virtual team building event is a unique and exciting way to get your team members working together in new ways and reaping the benefits of teamwork.

Team Building provides a structure that gives employees the opportunity to work together and build relationships. It is a way for employees to learn how to function as a group. This practice promotes a more healthy and productive work environment.

By building teams, employees are able to identify how to work with others and they understand how to communicate effectively. They also learn how to resolve differences and work towards common goals.

A successful team building activity requires a few things: clear and simple instructions, a set time limit, and a clear goal.

If you want to provide an experience your team will remember, you’ll have to plan carefully. You’ll need a clear objective. It should be specific and measurable.

On the other hand, if you plan on creating a team building experience that’s more about fun than results, your objective could be something like “everyone will have a good time.”

Whatever your plan, make sure it’s clear.

What Is Virtual Hunt?

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There is no software to install, and Virtual Hunt also works on mobile phones. We can also run Virtual Hunt for you on any video conferencing software of your choice (Zoom, Teams, Hangouts… and more!)

A Word Of Warning...

The importance of team building for remote teams cannot be overstated. A team can achieve great things. But a team can also fall apart at the seams if the team members are not engaged in the team’s success.

Disengaged teams:

  • DO NOT work together towards a goal
  • DO NOT have a strong sense of ownership and do not feel responsible for the success of the company
  • ​​DO NOT have strong connections between the people on the team
  • ​​DO NOT take the time to get to know each other and they do not have a good understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses
  • ​DO NOT meet frequently enough to discuss the progress of the team, its members, and the issues and problems that the team is facing
  • ​​WILL NOT perform at its highest level
  • ​​DO NOT work well under pressure
A Personal Letter
Felix Sim round photo
Felix Sim

For the past 10 years, I’ve been working intimately with thousands of decision-makers, HR managers, event professionals, marketing professionals, sales professionals, consultants and business owners to build stronger relationships through events.

I have seen every single virtual team building activity there is to see out there, and here are some lessons I’ve learnt that I’d like to share with you.

It’s been over 10 years since I ran my first team building activity, and while it wasn’t a complete disaster, I knew something had to change. Back in the days, team building was all about collaboration, working together from start to finish, completing a group task in 2 hours and celebrating the win together as a team.

It worked for a while, but after a few years, I realised a pattern forming. HR managers started to tell me that their registration rates were low, or that many participants didn’t look forward to the upcoming team building sessions.

Something was missing…

I looked back at all the feedback forms we received from our participants and noticed a distinct pattern. Everyone wanted to know which team was the BEST or stood out the MOST.

And that got me thinking…

To run a successful team building session, you need to increase the enthusiasm and the participation rate. And to do that most effectively, there was a simple solution.

Incorporate the element of competition into your activities.

That was an epiphany for me. I changed how our team building activities were designed, and everything changed. Attendees started looking forward to the next team building sessions, and during the sessions, we saw a 20X improvement in participation. We designed activities that require every single member of each team to contribute. Otherwise, the entire team fails.

I admit, there was a little bit of guilt-tripping going on whenever we came across an individual who “takes the back seat” during our sessions. But the guilt-trips worked and the end results were more attendees, improved participation rates, and extremely positive feedback.

Fast forward to 2020… when the world – as we knew it – changed for good…

When COVID-19 first stopped our world in its tracks, and everybody started working from home, team building was the last thing on anyone’s mind. Keeping everybody safe, and keeping the business functioning was the only priority.

But many experts identified substantial social and psychological problems that were just brewing at home and at work when the way we work changed.

Working from home was initially a good thing, we enjoyed it because we saved travel time and expenses. We could get up a little later, run some errands in the middle of the day, and reply to emails while we’re out of the house. This worked for a little while, but soon enough, we started to realise that working from home made more negative than positive impacts on our minds.

We never stop working.

We feel disconnected from our colleagues.

We don’t know what our managers and bosses expect, because it’s always changing.

We start having individualistic thoughts, because who knows when the next retrenchment exercise will be.

We get suspicious of our co-workers, wondering if they’re working as hard (or as much) as we are.

And the list goes on…

Forward-thinking HR managers begin to realise that even though we cannot run face-to-face team building sessions, team building is still an effective solution to many of these problems.

But most of the virtual team building activities out there are either too basic, boring or not engaging at all.

So in January 2020, I set out to create the most engaging, fun, and customisation team building activity for our clients.

Since 2012, I have run thousands of team building events and have advised thousands of HR managers on building stronger teams through events.

Virtual Hunt was designed from scratch and includes everything you need for a fun, inclusive and engaging team building activity. Virtual Hunt is a truly interactive virtual team building solution that is guaranteed to generate lots of laughter. I included group missions and individual tasks, so nobody gets left behind. This game comes with fully customisable missions, and it is an excellent way for you to build a message into your game.

In Virtual Hunt, the world becomes your playground!

To your success,
Felix Sim

P.S. Here’s the short version of what I just said in the letter above, in case you scanned down to here first (you know who you are):

  • 10 years ago, team building used to be fully collaborative, but that style caused many other problems such as low participation rates.
  • I realised that including the competition element into our team building activities increased participation, and gained more positive feedback.
  • COVID-19 forced many of us to work from home, and that caused many social and professional problems. It created dis-engaged teams.
  • Running team building sessions is the easiest solution to alleviate some of these problems.
  • Most virtual team building activities available online are either too simple, dull or not engaging at all.
  • That’s why in January 2020, I created Virtual Hunt from the ground up, incorporating all the lessons I’ve learned from running thousands of team building sessions since 2012, and advising HR managers on building stronger teams through events.

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Felix & Stacy Sim

Felix & Stacy Sim

Who Are We?

Interchange is a product of the Get Out!® Group, which is managed by husband and wife team, Felix and Stacy.

We have run over 2,000 events since 2012, both in-person and virtual events. We have also consulted for and met with over 10,000 professionals, managed remote teams both large and small and regularly develop new ideas on building relationships through events. We know how it works, and we know how to do it for you.

Events in 2020 has reminded us how fragile our planet actually is, and we are now inspired to create sustainable and highly engaging virtual events with our clients and partners.

Join us in our movement to change the world of events.

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"Thanks Felix! Excellent quality of work, and responsiveness. We will surely keep you and your team in mind for future opportunities."

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"Hey Felix! We had a great time man. Very well organised without any glitches. And great emcee too. Loved the whole set up. Look forward to working together again!"

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"The whole team, especially Felix and Stacy, is able to understand and articulate our needs for the event. They are open to and supportive of new ideas, provides good suggestion and advice, and their crew on the event day makes effort to connect and engage the participants especially the children. What impresses me most is their effort to learn and address the children by their names throughout the day."

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"The team brought many great suggestions to the table, and were excited to build upon our ideas. Working with a tight timeline, the GO team was highly responsive, flexible, and provided great support from start to end."

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Under Armour

"Thank you so much for your crazy loads of hardwork in making sure everything falls into place for our recent event! Truly appreciate it! It’s definitely not an easy task having to handle so many multiple events at the same time. Really thankful for your patience with us too. Thank you for accommodating our requests!"

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Kuok Group

"Hey Felix, sincere thanks to you and your team for the successful event. Am getting positive feedbacks, and appreciation from the staff for a great event! The priceless part is seeing the kids leaving the place hugging their toys so happily."