9 Indoor Family Activities You Must Try On Your Next Event

Need some help planning indoor family activities and you’re stuck for good ideas?
Indoor fun doesn’t have to be overly elaborate or expensive. The activities you set up can make use of items you already have. Or, you can take advantage of modern technology and make your company’s family day an unforgettable event.

Here are some starter ideas to get you started:

1. Obstacle Course

girl having fun on indoor gameThe size and complexity of the obstacle course will largely depend on how much room you can get and the materials you have access to. Other than that, you can let your imagination run wild and go crazy with the theme, the obstacles and the game mechanics!

You can build a WipeOut-style course, or a themed one, such as a Halloween or Scary House. Have competing families run the gauntlet and offer instant prizes as soon as they get to the finish line, or accumulate points and the group who has the most wins the event.

Safety is still a priority, so make the course friendly for kids of all ages and design it with colorful props to encourage participation.

2. Indoor Picnic

If you’re looking for a more relaxed atmosphere where everyone can mingle and enjoy the day, then an indoor picnic will prove to be a hit. All you’ll need is food, the appropriate background music and spots where families can put out their blanket and enjoy each other’s company.

Picnics encourage mingling and it doesn’t put too much pressure on the participants. Employees and their partners or children can take their time and enjoy their surroundings, or head to various mini-attractions within the area. What’s more, indoor picnics can be combined with events such as face painting, game stalls or balloon sculpting shows.

3. Indoor Climbing

What’s a list of indoor games without some challenging rock-climbing activity? Indoor climbing events present a good challenge for the whole family, and it gives them a healthy workout, to boot.

You can cater to various age groups by setting up multiple climbing courses that range from beginner to experienced. Families can encourage each other and earn points as they complete their respective course. Present challenges such as a time limit or by having them follow a pre-destined course for added depth.

4. Treasure Hunt

family preparing for egg huntA treasure hunt will surely keep families busy for a while as they try to figure out where the X mark leads them to. It’s fun for the whole family and encourages participation, communication and bonding to achieve goals.
Treasure hunts can be set up completely indoors, even where there’s multiple stories, such as a building.

You can change the theme according to the time of year, i.e., the holidays, Christmas or even a Graduation Day, depending on when you hold the activity.

Create the map, leave some intuitive clues and at the end, a large treasure chest filled with goodies await them. You can incorporate riddles, audio puzzles or technology into the hunt and make it more modern or just stick to the tried and true formula that’s entertained families over the years.

5. Theater

Dress up your kids and family members for the role they’ll play in the theater. All you have to do is get some costumes, set the stage and a few other props and music for good measure. Lights, camera, action!
Theater is one of the most fun indoor group games for kids.

You can divide the play according to age group or the family themselves. You’ll need to inform them in advance if there are some lines to be memorized; otherwise, it’s just great to let the acting flow and have fun. Don’t forget to get some photos and videos for keepsakes and memories.

6. Movie Day

It’s easy, simple and fun. Movie viewing day is a good, old-fashioned family activity that never gets old. Get a white screen, an HD projector and a wholesome movie. This indoor family event can be combined with other low-key activities such as food carts, face painting and even a photobooth at the end to commemorate the occasion.

Don’t forget the popcorn, cotton candies or nachos, and a small bag of candies for the kids. You can make it a 3D movie and hand out 3D glasses for a more immersive experience.

7. Pictionary

mother playing with childrenPictionaries promise good fun while keeping things easy. Families will love guessing what the secret word is via drawings and forming bonds with their members.

All you’ll need is a stage, an easel and plenty of paper and markers. Set the stage so people will see them when the groups get their turn. You can make it a competitive event by timing each group and tallying the points for every correct guess. The best group wins prizes that can range from trophies or commemorative plaques and everything in between.

8. Charades

Similar to Pictionary, but it’s sillier and the audience can get in on the fun. It’s perfect for both small and large settings because it can be scaled accordingly. For example, you can set a widescreen TV or projector at the stage so more people can see what’s happening at the stage.

Charades can be themed according to events and occasions. It’s a classic indoor activity that’s survived through the years because it’s versatile and only needs a few items.

9. Drone Driving

Indoor games for youth can be more than just staring into a mobile phone for hours on end. Technology can be added into activities that will entertain them and make them learn about hand-eye coordination and more importantly, flying a cool drone.

Drones can be used indoors in a variety of ways. You can build a mini course where the drone must navigate through the space and get to the finish line while avoiding traps and obstructions.

Moreover, you can attach a camera or an arm to have it pick up things and put them into baskets for points. You can get a number of drones for a family team battle or for working together and achieving a common goal. The thrill of flying a drone is novel and the possibilities are virtually endless.

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