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We're a family day event organiser like no other!

Our corporate family day package offers a different experience from the rest.

With entertaining emcees, tasty food stalls, fun games for the kids and even challenging tele-matches for kids adults, a Get Out! family day will constantly engage and entertain your guests!

We have designed our family day Singapore package to include all you need to run a successful and fun family day for your company, and if you ever need us to go a little further with the event simply take a look at our optional top-ups.

Client Testimonials

Family Day Singapore

The most important decision you should make when planning your next corporate family day event, is your Singapore event company. More often than not, most committees underestimate the work required to plan, book a venue, and run your family day event and make the mistake of trying to do everything themselves. You might save a few hundred dollars by spending 100% of your time, but the outcome is never guaranteed especially when you are handling multiple aspects of a complex event. We’ve listed some items you might want to consider adding to your family day event to give you some ideas, but the best decision you can make right now is to contact us for a free proposal which will have more ideas for you!

Attention to Detail

At Get Out! Events, we take every event seriously and will pull out all stops to ensure that what we propose, is what you experience on your actual Family Day. Our team is obsessed with details and leaves nothing to chance. From plotting event layout to scale on our office walls, to planning for storage space pre-event, we make sure that all corners are covered to guarantee you are 100% satisfied with the event outcome.

Sentosa Family Day
Family Day Organiser

Unique Activities & Programmes

In addition to the standard items such as carnival food stalls and carnival game activities, Get Out!’s family day programmes specialises in amazingly fun and different family carnival games! Our experience with running over 1,000 team building events in Singapore helps us create unique challenges and games in addition to the standard family day configurations offered by the other family day organisers in Singapore.

Food Stations


Popcorn Machine Rental is one of the most popular snack rental that every event needs. Having popcorns at your event never fails to get your guest excited as they have something to chew on while roving around your event.


Whether you are holding a wedding event, corporate event, or just a birthday party with your loved ones, candy floss machine rental in Singapore can make it more memorable for you and your guests. 


Our new nachos cheese chips live station have received great feedbacks from many events in Singapore! Our supplies are exactly the same as the one you get from GV Cinema. 


If you are having international crowd at your event, our hotdog machine stall rental is the one you should be having at your event! Our Hotdog stall set up is attractive and can brighten up any event that you’re organising. The unique hotdog machine stall is exclusively available on Carnival World Singapore only!

Game Stalls

Ever wanted to turn your event into a carnival? Our carnival game stall is a must have for your event in Singapore! Interactive fun-filled carnival game stalls for both adults and children with small prizes are available here! With a wide range of games available here, we provide the best games equipment rental in Singapore.

Fringe Activities


Our balloon services range from balloon sculpting for events, customised balloon decorations and balloon workshops for both adults and children. Do be assured that our balloon artists use only good quality materials at your event. 


Face Painting is another popular birthday party and event services that every children are crazy over with. Our face painting artist have never fail to impress the children with their talent. Each of our face paint artist have their own unique artistic styles of work as well!


One of the most popular event services among adults as they get to get a temporary tattoo of the designs they want and look really badass at your event! Unlike face paint, airbrush tattoo stays on your skin for the whole day even if you are under the hot sun. Recommended for D&D, corporate events and carnival events in Singapore.


Unlike Airbrush Tattoo and face painting, Glitter tattoo is the popular event services among children as they enjoy the luxury of staring at the art shinny on their skin. With many designs to choose from, glitter tattoo is also suitable for both genders and all ages!

Team Building

Want something outdoors? Want to get out of the office and enjoy a day of fun and excitement with the rest of your team?

Dinner and Dance

The old school way of running dinner and dance nights are over! Get out of that old way of thinking, and let us dazzle your company with an amazing D&D night!

Corporate Retreat

Holding a local retreat or planning a reward trip for your staff? We’ve got the experience, contacts and ideas to help you plan your next company retreat!

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