8 Sentosa Beach Games You Can Play During Team Building Events

The sun, the sand and the sea. There’s nowhere better to hold your next team building or corporate event in Singapore than the beaches of Sentosa!

Whether it’s for a family day, a professional retreat or for good, old R&R, you’re going to need some activities. Take a look at these recommended Sentosa beach games Singapore to get things in motion:


1. Beach Volleyball

beach volleyball spikeIf you’re going to the beach, then a game of beach volleyball should be a no-brainer. It captures the essence of outdoor sports perfectly and makes for a good exercise to boot.

All you’ll need is a net, a ball made for playing in the sand and of course, participants. You can get these materials at a nearby rental or bring it yourself. Divide the group into teams and establish quick rules for playing.

You can customize the details to make things more fun and interesting, i.e., lower the net, set the winning score to 14 instead of 21, or winners get extra incentives or cash prizes.

Beach volleyball teaches teamwork, hand-eye coordination and is a good form of physical exercise.

2. Build A Sandcastle

Forget about modern Sentosa attractions and instead, go for good old-fashioned beach fun by building sandcastles under the bright, cheery sun. individuals and teams can get creative and really display their artistic skills here.

Provide beach buckets and set a time limit, i.e., 30 minutes or an hour if you want to see elaborate designs. You can have them build traditional sandcastles or go with a theme. For example, you can have the participants build a sand version of their favorite cartoon character, food or actor/actress. The best team gets their creation featured and bragging rights as well.

Besides being fun, building a sandcastle promotes teamwork, creativity and resourcefulness.


3. Beach Tug Of War

Safety is paramount when it comes to tug-of-war games set in Sentosa beach. It’s a staple outdoor activity that’s a must-have for any team building, family or corporate event.

Divide the whole group into two and have them form sides opposite the other. A sturdy rope with a knotted handkerchief is set in the middle, and a pit is dug in the sand. At the count of three, the two groups will have to pull with all their strength in order to get the handkerchief to their side or have the players fall into the pit.

This beach game is lots of fun as long as you divide the two groups evenly. It’s short, yet intense and really exciting!


4. Save The Titanic

raftingSave The Titanic is making use of materials that are provided to “save” the passengers of a sinking ship. Teams will have to build a raft that can carry at least 4 people to safety.

You’ll need instructors, life jackets and materials that can be used to create a water raft. The beaches of Sentosa are perfect for this type of team-building activity. Once the team has assembled a watercraft that can hold people, the team has to carry 9 people around a designated “iceberg” and back to shore.

Time limit is not a factor in this game. Emphasis is placed on teamwork and seamless collaboration between teams and participants. The group who’s able to build a stable raft and successfully carry the required number of people wins the Save The Titanic game.


5. Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt shines in locations such as beaches, and having it done in Sentosa is no exception. The beauty of this game is that it can be scaled, customized and personalized according to your specifications, team building goals or corporate theme.

Start planning the scavenger hunt days before the actual event to prepare the materials and the goals. A scavenger hunt is an open-ended game that becomes better the more creative you get. For example, have the participants go for a dance-off, solve riddles or figure out clues as to where the treasure lies. You can also use the beach, the water and the surroundings to full effect and make the most of your visit to the Sentosa beach.

This outdoor game can bring families and teams closer as they rely on each other to solve the puzzles. Moreover, it encourages teamwork, improves morale and makes for a great adventure!


6. Touch Football

Touch football is somewhat like rugby but played in safer manner. Groups are divided into teams and a goal post is set for matches. Teams take turns carrying a ball into the goal; if an opposing player touches them, they will have to pass to a teammate or risk getting it stolen. Points are scored when a player reaches their end goal with the ball in his or her hands.

Touch football is a great game that emphasizes teamwork, strategizing and maximizing strengths while downplaying weaknesses. It’s a team-style activity that gets individuals up and active on the open sands.


7. Ultimate Frisbee

girls playing frisbee on the beachWide open beach spaces encourage fun activities, including ultimate frisbee. It’s easy to learn and people of all ages can play.

You’ll need a frisbee to get things started. Passing the disc successfully to a teammate gets them points. Players will need to communicate with each other as the game progresses, as natural obstacles such as sudden gusts and winds can throw the frisbee off-course.

Players will appreciate the open sands and areas where they can throw the disc. It’s the perfect non-contact sport for when you’re hosting a family day or where there are children.


8. Sentosa Beach Iron Chef

How would you like to host your own cooking show set at the background of the beautiful Sentosa beach? Set up an Iron Chef game right at the edge of the beach sands and have the participants cook up a storm using pre-set ingredients.

You can set the theme and the ingredients. For example, you present the teams with ingredients that can only be found in tropical islands- the objective will be to cook something good with fruits, fish and other edibles.

Bring them something that’s unique and have them scratch their heads and come up with creative ways to present a dish. Like other cooking games, there’s a set time limit and a sparse number of utensils to really bring out their creative side. The food is then judged and scored according to taste, presentation and creativity.

The Iron Chef activity encourages creative thinking and out-of-the-box ideas.

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