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Game of Drones™ 

Show your friends what you've got up your sleeves by piloting your drone around obstacles, achieving missions, and avoiding the arena defences!


Japanese Nagomi Art Workshop

Create transparent and gentle artwork through the use of our fingers and soft pastels.


Heritage Race

Race around the most iconic and historical spots of Singapore such as Chinatown, Little India and Arab Street.


Casino Night

Go big or go home! The Casino Night programme guarantees a night of fun, risk and reward for all your participants!

Catapult to Success

If you were always amazed by how medieval weapons were used to conquer and win wars, here's your chance to experience it as a team!

Movie Maker Team Building

Movie Maker

Everyone wants to be a star and with this Hollywood-style team building program, they can be!

In It To Win It

The In It To Win It program is one of Get Out’s original and most popular corporate team building events based on the popular TV show – Minute to Win It!


Zombie Escape

Escape Room Z is a Zombie Themed Escape Room programme that transforms your event venue (any venue!) into A nail-biting adventure.

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Run a HoverGP™ GoKart race in any location in Singapore, at anytime you want! No frills, No age limits, No driver’s license required.



Sandbox VR is a cutting edge experience straight out of science fiction that your guests cannot experience at home.  


Charity Bike Build

Remember your first ride on a bicycle as a kid? So many children never get to experience this cherished memory, and that's where your team comes in! 

Hidden Fortress

Race around the most iconic and historical spots in Sentosa to reminiscence the "good old days” and understand the History of Singapore better.

Day at the Museum

Pick a local place of attraction and overcome challenges as a team. Remember, it's not always about speed in this programme!

Building Bridges

Given limited time and material, teams will work together to build bridges to overcome obstacles in this engineering challenge!


Versagility is a high-energy team building activity that has something for everyone.  The aim of the team challenges is for each team to earn the most points

Game Show Mania

Let us bring you this game show event so you can enjoy Get Out’s fast-paced live action and Hollywood-style showmanship!

Wild Card Bingo

Wild Card Bingo is a mix of interaction, excitement, fast paced fun, and thought provoking trivia challenges. You will play rounds that include Human Bingo, Team Challenge Bingo, Trivia Bingo, and Music Bingo


Save the Titanic

Save the Titanic Challenge tests the best of teams to innovate, execute, meet aggressive performance measures and integrate diverse work processes and/or functions all while simulating a virtual team environment


Scavenger Hunt

Our scavenger hunt team building experiences provide your employees with tools and strategies they can use to improve their workplace relationships and productivity

Dinner Games

Whether you are looking for fast-paced, action-packed fun or a suave and sophisticated evening with our quiz nights, we have all the right tools to bring your dinner event to life

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Race Derby

Teams are provided materials to develop a blueprint, build a vehicle complete with chassis and body, pass a safety inspection and then Let the Race Begin!

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Big Picture

The Big Picture reinforces the importance of co-operation, communication and teamwork. The success and quality of their picture depends upon their ability to co-operate rather than compete.

Popular Team Building Venues

When picking your team building programme, it is also important to ensure that you have the right venue that is suitable to run your activity of choice. You should consider whether your next team building event should be held outdoor (in the sun), outdoor (in a sheltered area), or indoor (such as a ballroom or even your office's conference room). It is without a doubt that outdoor programmes usually have more hype since it exposes your teams to external elements such as the weather and the public's curious stares! Here are the 3 most popular team building venues that our clients tend to select for their event.

Sentosa Team Building


The beautiful island of Sentosa is typically associated with activities on the beach, but this special island is full of history and culture and you may consider running Sentosa team building programmes such as Get Out! Event's Goose Chase scavenger hunt programme in the mystical forests of Sentosa.

If you're looking to get wet and push the limits further, then Save the Titanic could very well be the right programme for you.

The main beach where most activity happens on Sentosa is Siloso Beach, but Tanjong Beach is also a suitable spot for team building activities in Singapore since it is less crowded and gives you more "exclusivity" for your team building day.



What was once a convent school is now filled with amazing restaurants and bars. But this new take on CHIJMES has not removed any of its culture. The central location of CHIJMES makes it the perfect location if you're looking for a city programme for your next team building day.

The most suitable programme to run with CHIJMES as your starting and ending point is the Heritage Race. The beauty of selecting CHIJMES as your event location is that you're only steps away from many fantastic restaurants in the area, some of which have special dinner packages for our team building clients.

Your Office


If your team does not have the liberty of time to travel out of the office your next team building day, fret not! Most offices have sufficient space in their meeting rooms or office lobby to run interactive team building programmes such as the Big Picture, In It to Win It, or even Movie Maker!

When selecting indoor team building activities in Singapore, make sure your organising team is clear about the desired outcome of your event. Be sure to notify your organiser if there are certain learning objectives or points you wish to bring out during the team building session. Most indoor programmes requires less physical teamwork but more mental and strategic prowess. Always ask for a customised indoor programme!

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Family Day

Forget bouncy castles! Our family day packages are filled to the brim with fun and games for the adults and children at a very reasonable price!

Dinner and Dance

The old school way of running dinner and dance nights are over! Get out of that old way of thinking, and let us dazzle your company with an amazing D&D night!

Corporate Retreat

Holding a local retreat or planning a reward trip for your staff? We've got the experience, contacts and ideas to help you plan your next company retreat!