Practical Tips for the Transforming Event Industry


Practical Tips for the Transforming Event Industry 1

Similar to every industry, the events industry is shaped by current trends. As professionals in the events industry, it is our responsibility to be aware of these trends and be able to capitalize on them. Read on to find out the top 5 event trends that are transforming the industry as we know it, along with our practical tips to use these trends to your advantage.

Tip #1 Maximising The Use of Available Technology

Technology undoubtedly creates more opportunities for the events industry. Without, virtual events it would not be possible. We would be confined to physical events and only be able to invite attendees who are geographically close. We have long evolved from this, but are you truly maximizing its use?

A few tips to take into consideration is to use live VR content to connect with your audience. As much as possible, open your events to everyone around the world. Despite being in different countries, there is much to learn from each other especially if you are working in the same industry. Networking is never a bad idea.

Tip #2 Engagement Remains A Top Priority

This has been constant over the years, and even more so in 2020 and beyond. With more technology around us comes more possibilities of distractions. This can affect engagement and overall audience experience at an event. Whether it is a physical or virtual event, keep your audience engagement in check.

Practical Tips for the Transforming Event Industry 2

One of the most popular methods to enhance engagement is polling. This activity keeps the audience excited and it allows them to share their opinions with others which promotes further interaction between them.

Tip #3 Games Are Necessary

Previously, games were used simply to take a break from the actual event agenda. However, games have since evolved to become an integral part of any event. Games promote healthy competition as they often come with enticing rewards for the winning team. Games can also help to further instill new information learned.
For example, a quiz can be done based on knowledge of the company’s product or service. It is an exciting way for attendees to use what they have learned to gain recognition.

Tip #4 Persuasion Drives Action

Persuasion is crucial to push towards the desired action. It involves using your words and actions carefully and precisely to increase the likelihood of persuading the other party.

Practical Tips for the Transforming Event Industry 3

To improve persuasiveness, it is important to understand how people react. For example, humans respond to social cues and are likely to follow others. If you promote an event by highlighting that a high percentage of others have already done so, it can motivate others to sign up as well. Another method is to keep energy levels high. While comfort is important, it is not beneficial for the audience to remain seated the whole time. Giving them reasons to walk around and mingle can boost their energy. Lastly, provide sufficient time for reflection, especially after discussions, to allow people to better understand and absorb new information.

Tip #5 Feedback Leads to Improvement

Gathering feedback is the most effective method for measuring experience. Whether it is feedback from the audience, suppliers, or clients, all are important information needed to identify shortcomings and potential areas for improvement. Asking for feedback also reflects respect for the opinion of others and a willingness to be better.
Feedback can be done either face-to-face or through a quick survey. It should be kept short and simple, but still able to highlight key areas.

That concludes our top 5 event trends that are transforming the industry. We hope the tips will be useful in planning your next event!

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