How corporate events helps in building Customer Engagement

 Corporate Events!

Corporate events, now a marketing tool for many.

Typically, corporate events are events which helps to connect partners, colleagues, families and customers.  There are multiple goal of such events. It may be give a break to employees from the regular hustle bustle, to celebrate milestones or may be to to thank the regular customers. 

While organising corporate events for companies from different sectors like FMCG, Telecommunication, etc. we see a lot of companies use corporate events to increase customers or improve sales from existing events. We would like to share these benefits with our clients and viewers. 

 It helps propel your brand

Corporate events should be both professional and fun. In essence, you want all of your attendees to leave the event with a smile. Ground-breaking content (think: an inspirational speaker), a lively environment (think: a live band), delicious food (think: cheese and wine…just sayin’), and great company will leave nothing but a lasting impression  in your attendees’ minds and leave that lasting good thoughts we all hope for.

In the past, GetOut! Events organised organised events for a pax of 20 and even for 300s. We kept the events so outgoing and open that all the guest left with a lasting impression. The events were both small scale and large scale. However,  just know that it’s sometimes the little things that make people remember your event and, most importantly, your brand!

Since, we show loyalty to customers through these events, it helps us reach new audiences. It enhances brand value, drives corporate engagement and hence enhances you brand reputation.

They bring a kickstart in your demand generation efforts

An undiversified lead generation strategy is genuinely worth considering. Events can play a vital role in your inbound and outbound marketing. We notice multinational companies organise events in public areas and distribute free goodies after the events.As these events help gather crowd and viewers who are genuinely interested in the topic of events, it leaves a long lasting impression. This helps in branding and generating new leads. 

As a sponsor, you will have many opportunities to pitch in your prospect buyers or clients. Many consumers, businesses and individuals today are already immune to traditional marketing techniques. So social gatherings and events help companies market products and simultaneously maintain customer interest. 

It gives the sales team what it needs

All the sales team we meet would never turn down the opportunity to get out in the field. This is their bread and butter. Hence, events does allow the sales executives to move beyond the regular mode of communication like phone calls, emails and gives the opportunities to these teams for face to face communications. No other form of communication brings the opportunity of two minute conversation to know the client potential. These events can help in lead generation which can be recorded to keep track on how successful is event marketing for the respective company. 

Be sure to attribute any closed-won opportunities back to this event. It’s always important to track your ROI from events in order to make a case for them in future years!

Create a buzz using Media

We have also seen when companies organise such huge events they take the advantage of calling press and news media. These new channels helps the company in reaching influential people, broadcasting news and publishing articles. Yes! It’s about going social! Be it Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or E-news media It is a huge space and a great platform to get the word out about your event. A Live Stream is a new trend in event marketing where you have a direct interaction with your target audience who are not a part of your event. Use this opportunity to give your audience a peek into what lies ahead and make a compelling pitch about why attending the actual event is something they don’t want to miss. 

This is also used as an opportunity to show people that the companies motive is not only profit and it fullfills it social responsibilities. 


If you can successfully organise an event that helps support your overall branding and business goals, you will realise returns for years and years. We just have to assure that its planned for the right people in the right way. Also, give the audience a cohesive and pleasant experience. Overall, good experience helps you to make an impact in the business market and continue your not for profit impact. Not only it helps generate sales but also helps to build a long lasting brand image.

Still not getting ideas for event marketing as your marketing strategies? 

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