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One email

We’ve moved away from having individual email addresses, to using only one email, which is [email protected]

When you write to this email, we both read it and depending on whom it’s addressed to, either one of us will respond. Keep reading if you want to know why we’re doing this!

who we are

Felix Sim

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Felix is responsible for providing practical solutions to meet our clients’ event goals. His multi-disciplinary consulting background gives clients the confidence they need when working with Felix on their next big event! 

When he isn’t working on a highly customised event proposal for clients or coming up with a new event concept, Felix spends his time developing new event programmes and building relationships with our industry partners. Weekends are also almost exclusively reserved for family time with the kids at home.

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Stacy Wee

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With a background in corporate sales and major clients account management, Stacy takes care of our clients’ needs and ensures that their event requirements are always met. She also manages the finances of the company.

As the mother of two boys at home and eight kids in the office, she is also responsible for keeping up the team’s productivity and happiness. When she isn’t breaking up fights, Stacy spends her time designing balloon art and researching on the latest trends in event decor or reminding Felix to fulfil his Daddy duties.

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For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.

Ephesians 5:31

As husband and wife, we’ve learnt that the best way to overcome challenges in our life and business is to work together as one team. We’ve been asked numerous times – “What’s it like?” – and while there is no simple answer, we’ve managed to summarise our method into 3 basic steps below.



Whenever a new matter lands on our table, we would consider it as individuals and decide if we can respond with absolute conviction that the other partner will respond the same way.



If we’re not convinced that our decision will be on par, then we find time to consult with each other on the matter before deciding. Most things don’t require our immediate attention, and probably shouldn’t anyway.



While we do not ever compromise on our decisions, we have learnt over the years to understand the rationale behind our own thoughts. This understanding helps us to be more receptive to the other’s perspective.

how we work with others

the team.

We’re building a company that is in for the infinite game. We’re not trying to be the “biggest” or the “best” because we are firmly against being ranked by useless vanity metrics.

On the contrary, we’re focused on building consistent, sustainable growth. Everyday, we are relentless in building systems and processes to give our team the ability to deliver unparalleled event services to our clients, without burning themselves out.

To that end, we’ve built 4 main pillars in our business that supports this mindset.


Our pre-sales team handles all client enquires starting from the very first email. They journey with the client from prospect stage, until the end of the event.


Our projects team is the glue that binds all stakeholders together. Suppliers, clients and our internal stakeholders follow our project managers’ lead for events.


Our design team provides pre-sales, and after-sales design support. From space planning to designing event posters, the team commits to delivering the highest quality designs in the shortest reasonable time.


No matter the size of an event, there are always a lot of moving hardware and logistics required. Our event support team are the people behind the scene making all these moving parts magically appear at the right place, right time.

Family Time.

A glimpse into our family life, we're real people too!

Spiritual Time.

Our moral compass

Almost all the decisions that we make are simple on the surface, but very tough once we put more thought into it. 

Decisions on events affect the committee who put their faith on our team to deliver. 

Decisions on strategies affect our team and their families who trust us to build a future for them. 

Decisions on everything affect our own lives and family.

As Catholics, we believe that it is an absolute necessity to have God as our moral compass, and practice Responsible Stewardship whenever we make decisions in our business.

Come say hi if you also attend mass at Church of St Bernadette!

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