Day at the Museum Singapore

Day at the Museum

Mix up your intellect with some physical fun as you choose your favourite local attraction!

Combining fun, culture and team building, here’s a wonderful museum adventure that works exceptionally well on many levels. In true Get Out fashion, your customised museum scavenger event will prove to be both highly interactive and highly entertaining. Once we divide your group into teams, we provide each with a map leading to clues located throughout the museum. Working together, team members have a great museum adventure solving a series of challenging brain teasers as they work their way to the big payoff, getting the most points.

There are plenty of twists and turns along the way! Brimming with intrigue and friendly competition, the Day At The Museum program brings history to life as it encourages teamwork and boosts morale. Offered in a variety of cities, the indoor nature of this event makes it a perfect choice any time of year. It’ll make for a day your employees won’t soon forget, and the benefits will continue to energise your workplace long after the clues are solved.

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Our Package Includes

  • Entry tickets (if applicable)

  • Event logistics and manpower

Optional Top-Ups

  • Event venue

  • Invitation cards

  • Door gifts

  • Games prizes

  • Food and beverages

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