Zombie Escape Singapore

Many of us have played in or at least heard of an “Escape Room” game, where participants are “trapped” in a room for 1 to 2 hours and have to solve multiple puzzles in order to escape.

Our team has brought this popular concept OUT of the box literally to any location that you wish. 

Zombie Escape is a Zombie Themed Escape Room programme that transforms your event venue (any venue!) into A nail-biting adventure.

“It will be the holiday of a lifetime” they said.

“We’re all staying on the 28th floor of the best resort on the island.”  laughed your mate.

That was until everyone became zombies hungry for nothing but pizza. Now there’s just 1 left, on the entire island, and a hoard of zombies breaking down the door to eat it.

Our Package Includes

  • Escape Room Clues
  • Escape Room Puzzle Cards
  • Posters & Props
  • Event facilitators

Optional Top-Ups

  • Event venue
  • Invitation cards
  • Door gifts
  • Games prizes
  • Food and beverages

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