Working from Home? Motivate Yourself With this 5 Tips

Working from Home? Motivate Yourself With this 5 Tips 1

The option for remote work is growing in popularity. However, a common concern amongst employers is how to motivate their remote employees. If you are working remotely and you can’t seem to get into your usual work groove, here are some surefire ways to boost your motivation.

Working from Home? Motivate Yourself With this 5 Tips 2

Even if you have an incredibly talented team with a dazzling skillset, they still need to stay challenged. One way managers can motivate a remote workforce is by focusing on both personal improvement and performance goals. This approach relies on a growth mindset, and it encompasses the idea that no matter where you are in your career, you always have room to stretch for more. Part of a growth mindset, however, is also embracing failure as a learning experience. Managers should support team members who take risks to stretch their confidence and grow professionally.

Working from Home? Motivate Yourself With this 5 Tips 3

Even if your team regularly communicates and has a culture of accountability, they still need a way to capture shared goals. Creating a visual that represents progress not only motivates employees with a competitive streak but also clarifies key performance indicators and priorities for the entire team. Set aside dedicated time during weekly or monthly meetings to update the scoreboard and periodically realign to be sure the data you’re measuring reflects your business’s initiatives.

Working from Home? Motivate Yourself With this 5 Tips 4

Corporate offices pride themselves on having a killer company culture. Usually, office perks translate into things like free food, cash spiffs for reaching goals, extra time off, more paid vacation time, gift cards, team outings, and more. On the other hand, the best thing about remote working is you are your boss, so you can set up a reward system that works for you. Maybe you can motivate yourself by going to a movie when you complete your tasks for the day. It doesn’t matter what kind of reward system you put in place, what matters is that you take the time to create a cool company culture of your own by setting up a system of rewards for achievement.

Working from Home? Motivate Yourself With this 5 Tips 5

Connection with people you work with is the key. Be sure to maximize the effect of communication technology and share personal successes as well as professionals with your colleagues. Through the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, this sort of celebration builds up your self-esteem and gives you a feeling of belonging that helps you handle your work.

Working from Home? Motivate Yourself With this 5 Tips 6

If you are feeling a lack of motivation, then change your scenery every so often. If the company you work for is local, then schedule some time to pop in and socialize with the people who are working on the same projects as you. If the company you work for is too far away, then at least go outside. You can recharge by going for a walk, going out for a delicious beverage, or even working for the day at a shared workspace.

Working from home is fantastic so long as you can stay on task. When you follow the advice listed above, you’ll be able to set up a thriving home office and stay motivated.

Working from Home? Motivate Yourself With this 5 Tips 7

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