Work-Life Balance Initiatives for Remote Worker

Work-Life Balance Initiatives for Remote Worker
Work-Life Balance Initiatives for Remote Worker 1

It is no secret that work-life balance is essential. The most successful companies in the world boast the work-life balance that their employees experience. Studies have also shown that one of the top qualities that potential candidates look for in companies is their ability to provide work-life balance.

So what is work-life balance from an organisation’s point of view? Think when they specially cater resources towards helping their employees strike a balance between both their professional and personal lives. In this article, we will be sharing five simple work-life balance initiatives that any organisation can put in place for their remote workers.

#1 Employee Surveys
The first step to implementing any new initiative is to find out what your employees think about it. Surveys are also an excellent opportunity for employees to be able to voice out their honest opinions, especially if there is a veil of anonymity. It is essential to understand what kinds of initiatives do employees feel would be most beneficial to them. After all, it is for them. Employees who have proper work-life balance are more likely to be productive and engaged. It also increases the likelihood of them staying in the long-run as they feel they are working for a company that is genuinely concerned for their wellbeing.

Work-Life Balance Initiatives for Remote Worker 2

#2 Grant Flexibility
Work-life balance and flexibility go hand-in-hand. End the days of talented employees having to leave jobs simply because it clashes with their schedules. Be open to listening to the different types of work schedules employees wish to have. It can help them be more motivated, productive and creative since they are working in their optimal hours. As long as you set clear ground rules to ensure fair treatment among all employees and reiterate the importance of deadlines, then flexible schedules should be welcomed. Additionally, since this is for remote workers, flexibility is especially crucial to ensure employees are not overwhelmed and feel their homes have become another office.

#3 Team-Building Activities
Work-life balance can also come in the form of fostering stronger relationships among employees. Employees may have close personal relationships with each other outside the office. Ensuring that the bond is not broken simply because they are working remotely gives them a robust support system to lean on.
There is no shortage of exciting team-building activities that you can do 100% online. Give it a quick search and find the most suitable activity for your employees that they will enjoy as well.

#4 Create an Environment of Trust
Roles and responsibilities should remain clear to all employees. This minimises the possibility of misunderstandings and conflict from arising. An easy solution is to provide employees with an organisation chart that is updated regularly. This displays transparency and hence contributes to creating an environment of trust.

Work-Life Balance Initiatives for Remote Worker 3

#5 Act as a Role Model
Leaders, managers, and others who are influential positions should act as role models for work-life balance. It would not make sense to be an advocate for it, but your actions contradict this completely. For example, if employees observe their managers working extended hours without adequate rest, they may feel pressured into behaving in the same manner. Be consistent; employees will not listen to a hypocrite.

That concludes our top 5 work-life balance initiatives that organisations can do for remote workers. We hope this article gives you some ideas on how to create a strong culture of work-life balance!

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