Why LinkedIn Deserves Your Content

linkedin deserves you
Why LinkedIn Deserves Your Content 1

There are 3 million updates that are posted on LinkedIn every week. That is a phenomenal 9 BILLION impressions served. Each Linkedin post gets 3,000 impressions on average, and this represents a huge opportunity to get viral exposure for your content on LinkedIn. LinkedIn today is what Facebook looked like several years ago. You can generate organic reach for your content without spending over the top of ads. This makes Linkedin the perfect platform for getting eyes on your content.

LinkedIn has a slower content decay than other networks. Unlike posts on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, which disappear with each refresh, LinkedIn posts stay visible for weeks, dependent on the engagement you get on your post. The more engagement your post gets, the longer it lingers, and that drives more reach and engagement, completing a self-sustaining cycle. By encouraging more people to comment, like, or share your post, you can ensure your content stays right at the top of the feed for weeks, without spending a single cent.

You also don’t need a ton of followers to achieve virality. Your post does not get shown just to your network. When your immediate connections comment or like your post, it will get served to their network as well. This means that your content can and will be seen by people that are not directly connected to you. That allows you to increase your network substantially with quality content. This is unique to LinkedIn, as it will enable you to reach many new impressions without a massive following, to begin with.

LinkedIn is the top-rated social network for lead generation. It offers the ability to tap into existing connections and grow your brand through word of mouth. Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn is not about who you know, but who your connections know. The virality of outreach, coupled with the credibility of content as validated by your connection’s engagement, often translates into better engagements and quality leads.

LinkedIn has a whole post about how their algorithm works, and it’s something they call Velocity. From the moment you post something, the quicker your content gets commented on, liked, or shared, the more engaging your content is deemed to be, and the higher up on the news feed it goes. This means more eyeballs and impressions. The key to a winning strategy on LinkedIn is then to generate enough engagement, very quickly.

Why LinkedIn Deserves Your Content 2

Amongst all other social media platforms, which prioritizes new content to drive constant refreshing, Linkedin values quality content. They will do more to keep these posts visible, to increase engagement. That is why you need to develop your Linkedin content strategy today.

Why LinkedIn Deserves Your Content 3

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