Why Families should celebrate together

Family Days!

Raising a toast to family togetherness! 

For most of the corporate organisations today – including the multinational companies – the people they employ are part of a close-knit team much like a family; successes are celebrated and mistakes are learnt from together as a team. With the last month of december approaching and Christmas right around the corner, your organisation and family might just be abuzz with excitement at the prospect of some quality celebration time. 

Why not merge both the groups together and create some memories together?

Invite your employees and their family to a corporate celebration days and mark the beginning of 2020 together? This will bring you a whole new opportunity of watching your employees interact with their loved ones and children.

 Reasons why family corporate events are important!

Know your employee better.

Knowing your employees plays a significant role in motivating them to deliver their best results.  Yes, managers do need to know that if their team members are happy with their jobs or not. However, knowing if their family life is happy and stable is also equally important. This is because employees feel happy when managers connect with them on a personal level. They feel like coming to work regularly, face challenges with a smile and also constantly strive hard to take their organisation to the top.

Though all families – and all businesses – are different, no single approach to creating a more family-friendly work environment will fit all. But events will help employers to listen to workers’ individual needs and family situations and then work with them to customise a plan that will — within the framework of company policies and procedures — offer as much work/life balance as possible.

Boost Team Morale.

Employee morale is an extremely significant aspect of your business, as it can either make or break your organisation. It has also been observed that employees with a higher and more positive morale, have a better attitude towards their job, give better results, and also turn out to be much more productive in their workplace. At the same time, employees with a bad morale reduce the efficiency and productivity of your business. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to build team morale and ensure that none of them is left disgruntled.

Off-site events, with kids and family covered, can be one of the most rewarding activities. Taking employees fully out of the office into a relaxing environment where they can take the time to learn about each coworker as his/her family. Activities can include a combination of physical activities and problem solving skills. This brings the team together to cheer each other on, to find solutions, to assert leadership, and offer up their unique skills for the benefit of the team. Later, these solutions can be used for better performance in work.

Helps Establish a company’s character. 

One of the reviews which a candidate consider while applying to companies is “How much the company fulfils the Corporate Social Responsibility’’.

When employees are invited along with their families it indicates that the company is not only organising events for the welfare of its culture but also for the welfare of the employee and family. Providing your employees with an avenue to create new memories for their families show that you value their personal relationships. It also shows that their emotional well-being is important for you as well.This forms a positive image of the company. Hence, when a company hosts events for its employees and its family it speaks volumes about the employee and the organisation. 

Foster’s Interpersonal relationships.

Almost all organisation follows the routine of 8 hours of working. Employees already spend most of their time working together. When their families come together for such events it involves direct communication and discussion among families. This indeed leads to exchange of contact details followed by frequent meet-ups. From these early social bonds, we begin to form a sense of morality, an understanding of right and wrong behaviour, and begin to learn how our actions will affect others (In office and outside office).

Ultimately, family events provide a great opportunity to network or widen our network of contacts and to meet customers, colleagues and other professionals in person. 

Improves Employee’s family dynamics.

According to research, children aged 13 or below are mostly a part of nuclear family with both parents working or they are looked after single working parent. Parent’s working pattern can have a long term effect on children’s development, dynamics with their children and as well their personal relationship. Also, there is an  increasing trend of mothers or expected to be mothers working full time. Although it increases the family income but there is a huge tradeoff involved. Overall, after working for long hours parents come home tired and can hardly spend time with their children. 

Hence, corporate event can help to solve this issue. It gives them an opportunity to spend some quality time with their children, spouse or elderly parents. Events which involves group games and competitions can help build family cohesiveness while them not stressing about work and goal. 


Beyond doubt, family-friendly workplaces build a sense of community among co-workers. It creates an opportunity for employees’ families to celebrate together in and outside the office. Though these events can vary based on the size of the organisation, interests of  the employees, etc, but they all have the same end goal of helping employees and their families feel that they are a part of the organisation. 

With Santa knocking on the door, we at GetOut! Events are already gearing ourselves to organise programs and helps organisations and employees to participate during the holidays through activities like Casino nights, Beach events, carnival nights etc. We believe, employees are the greatest asset of the organisation! Are you also looking to celebrate it with family? 

Watch some Family day videos for Inspiration 


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