What Is Pre-PI Planning?

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What is pre-PI planning? As a technology event manager working on a SaaS web application, I often hear clients ask this question. Most of the time, the client isn’t asking me this; they’re asking their event manager or technical lead what is pre-PI planning. In other words, the client may be thinking: “So what is PI? What is the process before a project starts?” Planning, however, is a process. It has a beginning (the planning process) and an end (the execution process). 

How can you better define the term Pre-PI? 

This definition is important because most event managers don’t pay enough attention to planning. Many event management software vendors like to point out that their systems have taken the bare essentials of a planning process and simplified them into a straightforward concept: Event Management Software (EMcos). In other words, EMCs give you the foundation for event management.

However, no matter what you build in EMCs, your system needs to provide end-users with a streamlined experience. In other words, an EMC should not “do the work” for the event manager. The job of an event manager is to do the work (plan the event) and provide a simplified interface for the customer (the customer’s business). An EMC facilitates this work by simplifying the interface.

How do you ensure your end-user doesn’t feel bogged down while using your product or service? 

Simplicity. Suppose your software doesn’t offer a polished software experience. In that case, potential customers will perceive your product or service as being flimsy and not up to the task at hand (planning a conference or meeting). If your product does not make the job easy, then the likelihood of them spending money on your product or service is slim – and that directly impacts your company’s bottom line.

How can you take a simple concept like pre-PI or pre-ritual launch and make it easier for your customer?

EMCs can do this because they simplify the planning stage of an event by taking the entire project into their service. In addition, EMCs can keep track of every step and activity of the project, ensuring your customer has the information they need before they call you to schedule the event. 

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This not only reduces the wasted time (your customer can pull up the calendar and look at it to know when to schedule the event), but it also increases customer satisfaction as they see the work they’re buying directly from you and understand precisely what it is they’re buying.

How can pre PI help? 

If you can take all of the information your EMC can gather and present it to your customers clearly and concisely, your customers will get more value from the event. It also gives them the confidence they need to know the work you’ve put into your product or service directly reflects what you stand for in the business.

How can pre PI help your customer? 

If you have a poorly planned event, your customers will be walking around with the wrong impression of your company, directly impacting how they perceive your products and services. 

Once they arrive at your event, they’ll wonder how you got it wrong, and you may not even make a good impression on them. With a pre-pi plan, your customers will be more likely to buy from you if they feel you’ve taken the time to plan appropriately; this is one of the reasons why an event like a pre-ritual launch is an excellent idea.