Virtual Team-Building Event: Ways to Enjoy Your Virtual Events

Virtual Team-Building Event: Ways to Enjoy Your Virtual Events 1

Team building exercises are a crucial part of group dynamics and can be a lot of fun, but they’re also a great way to build trust and strengthen relationships. So whether you’re organizing your team or just going with the flow, here are some helpful tips for setting up an influential team building event!

Hosting a Successful Team-Building Activity

Team building is a process that improves communication and cooperation among colleagues. Team-building exercises aim to create a cohesive work environment where employees feel their contributions are valued and trust one another. For this to happen, everyone needs to be on the same page concerning company goals and objectives.

There are many different methods by which you can organize successful team building events at your workplace. Here’s how:

Discuss what type of event will best suit the team – some teams prefer social gatherings while others may need more intense activities such as Jeopardy or Survivor competitions. It’s essential for an event to be fun and for a specific purpose that aligns with both individual interests and organizational goals.

Organize an event that will address team-building objectives in a fun way – this could mean creating a scavenger hunt or organizing a contest among departments; the type of activity you choose should be designed to bring teams closer together. You can also try having employees participate in outdoor activities such as paintballing, rock climbing, or kayaking.

Plan for a post-event discussion – to make sure everyone involved feels like their time and effort was well spent, ask employees to write down what they liked most about the event you organized. You can also ask if anyone has any ideas on how to improve future events. This will allow the team to take part in future planning.

Keep it fun – hold events at times that are least disruptive to the workplace, for example after lunch, or during a coffee break. You can also customize them according to your employees’ interests by providing options such as board games, outdoor activities, etc. Just be sure not to go overboard with too many events in a day – it’ll end up being overwhelming instead of motivating.

Try team-building exercises that are both fun and mentally challenging – consider hosting mini-games or competitions among departments or set up activities where employees have to work together to accomplish something. This way, they will bond better while learning new skills. For example, you can create a scavenger hunt or organize an escape-room event.

Provide opportunities for self-reflection – allow employees to reflect on their communication styles and the way they work with others. By doing this, you’re allowing them to discover positive aspects of their personalities that can be beneficial at work and beyond it. 

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Virtual Team-Building Event: Ways to Enjoy Your Virtual Events 2

Planning A Successful Virtual Team Building Event

Building the right virtual team is one of the biggest challenges in business. Many companies are trying different ways to tackle this problem, including online team-building exercises. While most people have had some experience with an in-person team building activity, not everyone has participated in a virtual event. However, if you are looking for a way to increase team spirit, productivity and goal orientation among your staff, a virtual event may be the answer.

Building a virtual team starts with promoting a sense of community. People often feel more positively toward one another if they all know their names, backgrounds and work styles. One way to accomplish this is through an icebreaker chat session.

How to Conduct a Virtual Team Building Event

You can conduct your icebreaker chat by phone, web conferencing software or even in person. The key is to get everyone involved to know each other’s voices and put faces with names. Then, after the session, be sure to send out an email with everyone’s contact information so that participants don’t have to go hunting for it later.

You can also build rapport by letting participants know what they have in common with their teammates, whether they are a prior organization or have the same supervisor. This creates an immediate sense of affiliation that will carry through into future team projects.

Virtual Team Building Activities

After getting to know each other, you can then move on to your virtual team building activity. Although logistics may be more difficult, this should not discourage you from conducting an event. Consider making your event virtual if you don’t have the money or time to rent a meeting room and bring in lunch.

Virtual events are beneficial when training people in new skills or introducing them to the latest technology. However, virtual team building activities work well for all kinds of meetings.

Be Extra Mindful and Improvise

Consider opening your event with a short introduction so that everyone is up to speed on the subject at hand and knows what they are supposed to be doing. This will save the team from communicating verbally throughout the meeting when it would be much easier to read an email, chat or update their progress in a shared document.

For more advanced teams, it might be time to take your event up another notch. Virtual team building activities will work well for this, too! Be creative and develop an activity that lets you learn more about each other while also accomplishing the task at hand.

Lastly, don’t forget to end your team building event on a high note. A simple thank you or certificate of completion will help to ensure that everyone is satisfied and looks forward to another event in the future.