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We're not the first to offer
Virtual Events.

But once you’re done playing around with “virtual events” on Zoom and Microsoft Teams,
you’re gonna wanna see what we’ve brought to the table. This is as real as it gets.

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TRIVR (pronounced: “tree-vee-arr“) is an integrated platform that allows you to run engaging virtual game shows without juggling multiple screens. Our hosts are highly interactive and hilarious, so just join in the fun, and leave the rest to us!


  • No downloads required
  • Variety of questions format
  • Built-in chat functions
  • Pre-programmed game assistant
  • Private games available


  • Experienced Game Host
  • Personalised Meal Delivery
  • Game Prizes

Virtual Hunt

Virtual Hunt is an engaging online scavenger hunt that transcends physical limitations. Have your team racing around the globe while completing group missions that are bound to get them bonding.


  • No downloads required
  • Global play area
  • Built-in chat functions
  • In-Game Admin support
  • Interactive Missions designed for team building


  • Experienced Hunt Master
  • Customised missions for your company’s agenda
  • Game Prizes

3D World

3D World is a beautiful immersive virtual environment that allows you to host large scale events. The interactions in the platform mimics the real-life event-going experience, with up to 95% accuracy. 


  • Fully immersive
  • 95% resemblance to real-world experience
  • Multi-faceted avatar functions
  • Highly-detailed recreations of real-world venue
  • Actual interactions and networking


  • Custom elements can be added to 3D World
  • 3D Modelling of Required Environments
get out events - white-01-01

Why Virtual Events?

Building relationships does not have to stop just because you are working from home. Companies like yours spend tons of resources and money to build up your team’s unity. How much longer do you think it will take before your team becomes strangers? 

After organising 2,000 over events, for 12 years, we are confident that these activities will engage your team. Don’t get trapped by traditional thinking. You can still Get Out, virtually. 

Who We Work With



Event Profs




Use our virtual event solutions to engage your employees working from home. There is no reason your team can’t bond just because they are not physically together. 

You can also use 3D World for your town halls and AGMs, where you want to impress. 

Collaboration is key to success in a post-COVID world. We’ve built these tools for the benefit of our industry. Rethink the possibilities of virtual events with Get Out.

Let’s look at how you can enhance your event offerings online using our platforms.

Host a game on Trivr, or brand your content on Virtual Hunt. There are ways to engage your clients and show your appreciation other than sending food to their doors. 

Businesses can even create their own trails on Virtual Hunt and sell ticketed games to the public. 

You're in good hands

Felix Sim

Felix is responsible for providing practical solutions to meet our clients’ event goals. His multi-disciplinary consulting background gives clients the confidence they need when working with Felix on their next big event! 

When he isn’t working on a highly customised event proposal for clients or coming up with a new event concept, Felix spends his time developing new event programmes and building relationships with our industry partners. Weekends are also almost exclusively reserved for family time with the kids at home.

Stacy Wee

With a background in corporate sales and major clients account management, Stacy takes care of our clients’ needs and ensures that their event requirements are always met. She also manages the finances of the company.

As the mother of two boys at home and eight kids in the office, she is also responsible for keeping up the team’s productivity and happiness. When she isn’t breaking up fights, Stacy spends her time designing balloon art and researching on the latest trends in event decor or reminding Felix to fulfil his Daddy duties.

Virtual Event Solutions

You are one decision away from discovering a whole new experience. 
Choose the platform that caught your eyes, and we’ll share more!



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Virtual Events

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