Top 4 Team Building Activities Fit for Everyone

team working togetherTeam building is crucial and a key ingredient towards the evolution of a company. There are four major types of team building activities. Regardless of how demanding an employee may be, they are sure to find at least one type of activity among the four where they fit in. Any business or company is bound to benefit one way or another through team building. Spending time away from the work environment and the demands of work is like breathing fresh air into the workplace. People let loose, strengthen relationships and create memorable times. Here we look at the four team building types and respective activities for your company.

1. Mind Games and various mental team building activities

This is a quintessential team building activity for almost all types of workplaces. Even better, people who are physically challenged and may be unable to engage in other team building activities will feel quite at home here. There are many mind games and mental challenges that make perfect team building ideas. Some suggestions include; • Board games When you are not in a position to move away from the office, board games are an excellent team building activity for members to engage in. If you can’t seem to settle on one game, don’t worry, there are a ton of different games suitable for all kinds of people. It works better especially if you are a large group to divide yourselves into smaller groups. Some board games that come out top in the list of favorites include; • Chess • Scrabble • Monopoly • Checkers or draughts • Snakes and ladders and so on. • Mentally challenging activities These are not physically engaging nor are they board games. Examples of mentally challenging activities include; • A game of cards • Room escape quest • Scavenger hunt • Blind drawing • Egg drop and so on The above are team building activities that are good at testing the members’ patience, logical and intellectual abilities for a refreshing atmosphere when it’s time to go back to work.

2. Sports and other physical activities

team of diverse people ready for a raceSports and physical activities serve as the best stress relievers. Such is ideal for highly competitive work environments where they are required to build motivation and achieve goals. Here members are forced to bond and interact with each other. During physical challenges, you may be grouped with another employee with whom you have been involved in feuds with at work. Suddenly you realize that gears have changed. You are no longer going against each other but instead,you are joining efforts to go against another team. This is one sure way to break the ice among staff members both in and outside the workplace. Some examples of such activities that you can try include; Sports games like; • Basketball • Tennis • Football Physical activities such as; • Canoeing • Hiking • Fishing • Trekking • Kayaking In addition to the above, you can decide as a firm to go touring in another country or a nearby destination. Here you can go swimming, biking, running, and so on. Do not be afraid to participate in out of the box team building activities. Let the inner younger you come out. As a team, visit trampoline parks, compete on go-karts, and play laser tag. These are activities that many avoid for fear of what others may think. But, throw caution to the wind and just do it. The liberating feeling you will experience thereafter will make it all worth it. Besides, here you find different ways to build your logic skills, exercise and strengthen your physical abilities.

3. Relaxation team building activities

group of women practicing yogaThere’s the calm lot whose nature is neither physical nor mentally competitive. Does this mean that there are no team building activities for them? Well, No. In fact, you’d be lost for choice at just how many relaxation team building activities there are here. It could be that your job is characterized by a lot of walking, cycling, or other forms of physical activity. When it is time for team building, it is understandable that you may want to relax and unwind enjoying your time off from your normal work schedule. Relaxing, however, is not an excuse to idle around doing nothing the whole day. Take time to converse with your workmates over some beverages, alcoholic drinks, and some good food. It makes it even better if you are in a restaurant and there’s some peaceful music playing in the background. Other team building activities that fall in this category include; • Karaoke • Wine and cheese tasting • Painting • Yoga

4. Doing charity work or volunteering

Did you know that by helping other people, you also end up helping yourself? As part of Corporate Social Responsibility, a company tends to have plans to engage in charity work or do volunteer work. These projects are intended to leave a positive impact in the surrounding communities. Examples of charity and volunteering activities include; • Feeding the homeless • Visiting children with disabilities • Cleaning the neighborhood (Collecting trash along the streets, dusting windows, cleaning cars and so on.) • Visiting the terminally ill at the hospice or in hospitals • Caring for the elderly in nursing homes • Visiting an animal shelter Through such activities, the employees learn that working as a team is a powerful tool that can bring about positive difference. While building cohesion among team members, it feels amazing to be able to leave a smile and cause happiness in people’s hearts when doing charity work or volunteering. Other reasons why charity work and volunteering team building activities are important include; • Improve individual self-worth. When you see that you have the ability to help others, you feel better about yourself. • You end up making new friendships and making new memories. You hence look forward to the next time you will see the new people you meet. • Cultivate a sense of achievement among team members. When you come together for the single purpose to bring positive change, it feels amazing when the goals are met. • Works well as part of a company’s CSR-corporate social responsibility The above are team building activity types that are sure to bring people at work closer irrespective of whether one is a CEO, the HR, the P.A, secretary or normal staff member. There are no expectations, no targets and no one that’s going to look at anyone sideways.

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