Tips of Building Relationship with Coworker

Foundation to healthy work environment is good office etiquette.

“Do something nice for your coworker everyday”

After organising events for  a lot of companies, from 50 pax to 300 pax, we have learned how important it is to have committed employees for long hauls. An organisation with positive employees drive growth in an organisation. 

Focusing on Employee engagement is a common theme among management these days. Social gatherings, exercises like walkover, photo contests, fitness events and other mood-boosting strategies are fine.

But a mix of fancy and simple approach is the best. So we have put together a  list of few things we think is invaluable in maintaining positive relations at work. Best of all, all of these tips don’t need money! 

Practice common courtesy 

Ever heard of the quote that “always treat people the way you want to be treated’’. The quote is self-explanatory. Respecting your workers and employees is a human courtesy. It’s all about recognizing that like you, even your bosses, coworkers and colleagues have responsibilities, competence and experience.  There is no harm is walk down the hall and saying a simple “hello” rather than just walking down with a poker face. Vice versa, there is no harm in replying courteously with a hello rather than having a stone face.Making eye contact and referring to people by name. This is like the oil that keeps the engine of cooperation going. It is not important to chat over coffee or organise a meeting to speak to someone.A simple gesture can really change the game. 

Furthermore, keep in mind having an office colleagues is much like having roommates. Don’t be a spoiler company who keeps the office environment dirty and filthy. Keeping your surroundings clean can be a better Idea. And so forth.

Schedule time for building relationship

We all should devote some time of the day for just building relationships. Even if it is just half an hour, we can divide it into segments and connect ourselves with individuals. For example, you can pop in between groups in Lunch time, just connect with them over a cup of coffee or maybe just drop them a message on social media. 

Face-to-face interaction acts as foundation of any relationship. You can also ask to meet them after office for a drink, when he or she might be more relaxed and perhaps not as cautious when it comes to discussing things like  relationship. Use the time to find out what you have in common outside of the office and premises. 

Engage the law of helping and reciprocating. 

If you are free in office, even for a few minutes, engage yourself in helping your co-workers. Because when you help people first they automatically feel the need of helping you in some or other way. This way of engaging and helping people will improve the way you work together. The sense of obligation and kindness leads to a positive relationship with your coworker. 

Celebrate and reward great teamwork. 

Incentives motivates employees. According to sayings, most Team Members will not go out of their way to work together until their is something in store for them. Though you might have informed your worker how working with you would have been beneficial. However, you should also ask your boss to acknowledge it through loyalty programs. 

Loyalty programs and rewards do motivate employees. So there can be two ways of rewarding. You can have both in private and individually. Like for example, award a Team Player as the Member of the Month. They can also be rewarded with Gifts, Dinner vouchers, etc. This should help motivate your colleagues to be better team players.

Direct Approach of Communication 

It is quiet common that you may not connect well with your coworker, however one way of improving relationship is to maintain direct contact with them. 

Complaining to your boss is one of spoiling the relationship or bringing more issues in the relations. Instead of inviting complications just ask your coworker to directly address whatever issues you are facing in. However, here you can just state your feelings smartly and not accuse them or sound accusatory. Because sometimes even your coworkers are not aware of the situations of the mishappenings. If you complain to your boss, he or she will most likely just ask you to speak directly with your co-worker to try to improve the situation. Hence, they will appreciate that you are directly bringing it to their attention.

It may sound cliche, however, directly addressing the problem is one of the most effective tool. Though it might not be the easiest one, it might even seem combative, but it still has less chances of controversies.

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