The Journey Of Carnivals

What was Carnivals ?

The end of August and September, and the start of December marks the celebration of the carnival period. Across globe people are celebrating carnivals like Caribbean Days Festival in Vancouer, Cariwest in Edmonton, etc. it may have different names officially.

Originated with Italian Catholics, and gradually spreading all over the world, carnivals are the most celebrated festivals after the Christmas celebration. Especially three elements, like dressing in masquerade, music, and dancing, remain the traditional carnival celebrations. In Europe it happens in Elaborate balls but in other countries it is generally in the streets, with things like costumes, masks, feathers, headdresses, dancing, music, steel bands, and drums all part of the scene.

Why was it celebrated? 

Different countries celebrate carnivals for different reasons. Like for example in Rio De-Jenario. carnivals are celebrated in honour of gods, Los Angles celebrates carnivals as a tradition happening since the 17th century, Venice celebrates it to celebrate Venice republic commemoration.Coming a little down towards the eastern Asia china celebrates it celebrate New Year, the most important festival of the Lunar Calendar. However, down Singapore celebrates their National Day with carnival games. 

If we talk about cash rich countries like India, carnivals are not a part of Big fat Indian weddings.  Were both the families and most of the guests are given a theme for the day function and the function is celebrated as a carnival.  

So today, carnivals have taken all together a different way. It is celebrated with games and stalls, were families and children come to have a good time. 

What do people wear?  

It again boils down to why and where is the festival celebrated. Every year carnival is celebrated in different locations like on a beach, a parade on the road, etc were those playing in masses are decked out in elaborate dazzling costumes.  Talking about the beginning, people mostly showed up in costumes of material fabrics, like huge floral dresses consisting of plastic beads, feathers, sequins, colourful ribbons, glass mirrors, horns and others. However, with the changing trend and fashion now carnivals have taken a different route altogether. It mostly consists of leaves, animal skin masks and what not. Sometimes the costumes depict animals or folklore characters.  In modern carnival parties, sometimes they just land up in regular basic clothes.

What is Carnival now? 

Bright colours and unbeatable music was was Carnival before the 20s. Now, with the changing trend, crowd and purpose of celebrations, carnivals have taken a different road. Now carnivals are more about children’s birthdays, fun fiesta events, games organised for team building and unmatched parties. It is like attending street events or house parties with like just a regular celebration.

How Singapore organises carnivals 

Asia’s most growing country, Singapore is a meeting point of multiple cultures like Chinese, Malay and Indians. The increasing foreigners in recent years has lead to the multi- culture life of Singapore. Keeping in mind all the religions, Singapore celebrates festivals according to Lunar and Indian holidays. Festivals like Diwali, Chinese New Year, Good Friday, National Day, Christmas, all are celebrated with equal interest. Are you being a part of any of these classic or modern carnival events ? Are you looking for ideas to organise carnival games ? See how we organised carnivals for different groups of people. 

Ducks In A Pond.

This game is more preferred by Toddlers. It is a super easy and fast game to play with. Participants just have to gather ducks and place them in the respective baskets.  So just grab the yellow ducks and make them win you prizes! 

Balloon Buster 

Just Bust a Balloon to Win! 

Balloon buster is the oldest and yet the most preferred Carnival Game. Throwing a dart in the balloon seems easy, however it’s not a child’s play. The darts and the balloons are not like the one which you find in bar or see in decorations. Made for marksmen this game gives you instant gratification when you burst a balloon and win a prize. 

Giant Pick-Up Sticks

Ever thought of a Carnival games which can be played Indoor or Outdoor? Revisit your childhood memories with these Giant Pick-up sticks. An improvised version of a game which came in the early 1800s, this is a game of skills played by children and adults both. Below is the image which shows how kids enjoyed playing with us! 

Wrapping Up

Bringing you the best carnival experience, we have over 5+ years of experience in organising carnivals. Apart from the above we also have organised few like Big Mouth, Lobster Pot, Carnival Dinners, etc. 

We recently organised more carnivals to celebrate children events like birthdays and annual function. It isn’t that difficult! We make it easy with a great team who looks after the wishes and desires of clients! 

For more details, Get In Touch! 

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