The Character of LinkedIn

The Character of LinkedIn
The Character of LinkedIn 1

Unlike other social media platforms, Linkedin is unique and has its quirks and nuances. It is paramount that we understand these aspects of the platform before we can maximize its potential. Small features in user interfaces and content algorithms might seem trivial, but they go a long way towards making sure Linkedin prefers your content above the others. Linkedin is distinctly different from the other social media platforms, and here are the Do’s and Don’ts that accompany each trait.

Linkedin is Possessive.
It does not want you to promote outside content. When you post content from another platform on Linkedin, such as sharing a link to YouTube directly on your feed, the platform buries you at the bottom of its native content. Instead, what they want you to do is to create content natively within Linkedin. If you do have a YouTube video, take the raw video file and upload it directly to the platform. The overarching principle here is that you have to treat LinkedIn as its host, and not another content promotion channel.

Linkedin is Personal.
One of the myths about Linkedin is that it is a professional site, and everything has to be about business. That is not true. While you do not use it to share overly personal content that should be reserved for Facebook, you can treat it as a long-form twitter, for sharing your thoughts and anecdotes when 140 characters do not seem enough. I have also shared previously about how you can use personal stories as a tactic to generate insane reach, so hop on there to find out more.

Linkedin cares.
While articles are great for more evergreen content and thought leadership, status updates are the ones that get a lot more visibility. Status updates are the ones that show up in your feed more often, while articles generally help in ranking for organic searches. To get your updates out there, you need to use hooks, as Linkedin only gives you about 2 sentences before the rest of your content is hidden behind the “see more” button.

When properly mastered, Linkedin can change your life. Take the time to understand it, and the rewards are tremendous.

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