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Last Updated: 5th January 2021

team work in officeTeam building activities are great fun for work colleagues, family and friends. Besides the fun, they are also good for keeping fit and getting away from your everyday activities. In many instances, people opt for outdoor activities but indoor activities are just as good and they are as beneficial as the outdoors activities.

They help people to communicate more. They help in decision-making and problem solving. People learn the art of trusting one another and adaptability. Our indoor activities come in handy too when the weather is not conducive for outdoor activities. Other indoor team building benefits

  • ➢ Planning for indoor activities takes less planning time.
  • ➢ Indoor activities take less space
  • ➢ Colleagues build healthier working relationships
  • ➢ Consume less time and costs

Indoor activities involve various games that are both challenging and fun. Below we look at some of the best activities your team can do for building the team spirit, improving of employee performance and ensuring there is more productivity in the office.

Best indoor team building activities

office team giving high fiveIndoor games do not have to be tedious and sweaty. Simple games that make even adults feel like cheeky young children are great for bring work colleagues together. The best thing about these exercises is that at the time of participation, everyone is an equal. The activities do not choose the head of a department or a subordinate when pairing them together. Below are some of the best indoor activities to bring staff members together.

➢ Posing questions

This activity gets work colleagues to talk to each other. Besides that, it also helps then get to know each other better ad develop better working atmospheres between them. In this activity, which should take no more than 20 minutes, the leader of the group should come up with questions to ask the participants.

Then pair the participants into different teams and let each participant ask their partner the question. This helps in them knowing more about each other. Choose different topics to base the questions on. You can also choose to ask the same questions to the whole group and allow them to answer freely to the questions asked.

➢ Test the creativity of the group members

Another ice breaking activity group members can carry out together is to test their creativity skills. This entails, the group members using everything they have on themselves like coins, pens, wallets and notebooks to create anything. They can create something like a logo that represents their current situation. Then ask every member to explain the meaning of his or her logo. This activity helps in making the work colleagues know more about each other and brings about mutual awareness. For the shy members of the group, it also helps in bringing out their hidden talents out in the open. This is usually a fun thing to do and almost everyone will enjoy this activity.

➢ Truth and lie activity

happy team discussing in officeThis activity should take no more than 30 minutes and it allows work colleagues to know each other better and have closer work relationships. This is how this ice breaking activity works. Have every member of the team write two truths and one lie about himself or herself on a piece of paper. No one should reveal to the other what he or she writes. After writing down the truths and the lie, allow the participants to mingle and talk for a few minutes among themselves.

This is the time that they ask each other what they wrote on their pieces of paper. The idea behind this is to convince the other person that your lie is actually the truth. After the exercise, gather them together and let each member repeat the truths and the lie. Let other members guess or tell which of the statements the truth is, and which one is the lie. You can make it even more interesting by awarding points to those that get it right.

➢ Guess my name

Guess my name is a game very similar to heads up. In this game, you create a set of names mainly those of great icons and celebrities. You can also include names of great athletes and renowned politicians. Place the names on each of the participant’s forehead and make sure they do not see the name. Instruct teach of the participants to move from one member to the next guessing the names on the foreheads. To make it even more interesting, set up a timer, this exercises helps with better interaction between the participants, which in turn brings then closer together. It also helps them to laugh at each other’s stereotypes based on the characters on their foreheads.

➢ Egg drop

There is no rule that says all indoor activities must be tidy. You can all get messy occasionally and have great fun doing it. One of the most popular and messiest indoor activities is the great egg drop. The activity requires you as the leader to divide the participants into two groups. After that, ask each team to build a package of eggs. Every package should have the ability to withstand a drop of 200 centimeters. After building the package, tell each side to explain with the use of a presentation why they think their egg construction is the best and unique.

After finishing, ask each group to let go of their egg packages. This will be one way of testing if their presentation was right. The main purpose of this activity is to encourage cooperation between the workers especially when they are working for the same goals. As messy as the activity is, it brings about laughter and closeness in the end.

Wrapping it up

Indoor team building activities are very essential in motivating your workers to work better and to perform better. We have very exciting and innovative events and activities that will make your indoor activities just as interesting as any outdoor team building activity. If you do not have a venue for your indoor activities, we can offer that too. Try our spectacular indoor activities and they will be the talk in the office for the next couple of months until the next event. Feel free to browse through our website for all the other activities and opportunities that we offer.

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