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Last Updated: 5th July 2020

Only absolute lone fighters can do without a successful “togetherness” in the team. You know yourself that this case is extremely rare. Once two people work together in any way, it’s about team building.

Team building activities boost motivation and helps conflicts to identify and solve.

Team building activities for more motivation and cohesion Success includes qualities such as trust, a feeling of togetherness and good communication. We support you with innovative teambuilding ideas. In this way, you achieve more motivation and more enjoyment at work through team building. We offer numerous team events in different forms – indoor, outdoor, sporty, imaginative. Some events are full of creativity or a high fun factor.

Here are few team building activities that we believe might help you build a better team!

Sport & Active

Teambuilding exercises with sports are nothing new, but sports and activities are becoming more varied. For example, a simple football team building has become a kicker – Imagine a football table big enough for the players to be real people, and you yourself. Skill, communication, and team play are all in demand here because you can take your place on the Do not leave pole and should score goals anyway. Even biathlon is now not just something for professionals. Find out if you can score better than the German Olympic champions in Team Biathlon. Its the same with the Dragon Boat Racelt’s important to row in the same rhythm to get there faster. All things that are important in everyday life for teamwork.

Music & Rhythm

Experience the feeling of how many instruments become a voice. You’re at the drum workshop all merge into a piece of music when you Einsingen a team songs present a highlight or to a completely audible rock band pull together. Music connects and works only when everyone plays in unison. Of course, individual solos are always welcome, but the real goosebumps arise in a large orchestra, in which nothing goes cross, but all unite to a harmony.

Escape Room & Escape Game

It has already become a veritable hype and not without reason. Puzzles, puzzles, experimentation is fun for any people and the team can be a wonderful complement to finding a solution. Because what the one does not know, certainly knows another. For your teambuilding, use an escape room that has already been installed in various cities or tries the mobile version, for example, out of a suitcase.

Social Event

Why not combine teambuilding with social action? So you kill two birds with one stone. The team action enriches the team spirit and the community. There are many topics that can be put into focus here. For example, help mine victims in developing countries with homemade, professional hand prostheses. Build bee hotels to stabilize the rapidly decreasing number of bees in the world. Use work assignments in day-care centers and schools to do something good for the younger generation and to show that working together is something big and absolutely important. Creating something together connects us.

Drone Construction & Drone Race

This team building is for all who enjoy the technique or want to have it Build your own remote-controlled drone in a team and guide them over an obstacle course. Or how about an exciting drone workshop? Because controlling them without having to worry about them is not that easy. Cheer on your teammates and enjoy this unique achievement experience together.

Team Olympics

You are looking for an active company outing that brings a lot of fun? There are many funny themes for the Olympics. Various actions are carried out and chosen individual winners as well as overall winners. How about medieval castle conquest, Highland Games in Scotland look, a farmer Olympics or a wintry snow Olympics? Ideal as a team challenge – the more participants, the better!

Crime game

Would you like Agatha Christie or Sherlock Holmes? Then enjoy a thriller game for teambuilding. Determine together indoor or outdoor with the tools provided to you Crime games are available both as a crime-dinner version indoor as well as a city rally outdoor. But at a thriller dinner game, you can just splash around and guess, because the actors are responsible for the action. But honestly, it gets really funny when your own colleagues play along, The manager was murdered, the secretary is on the run and the trainee suddenly has bloodstains on his shirt … How it all hangs together can only be found with one good criminal sense.

Geocaching & city rally

Start an exciting and funny competition in a team. You can easily get to know a new city by combining the sightseeing with a city really. Quiz tasks are solved to reach the next target point on the track, similar to a scavenger hunt. At the same time, you learn interesting facts about the city and is in competition with the other teams. At the activity points, certain tasks may need to be solved that require some skill, creativity or speed. There are many possibilities. But in the end, there is always a treasure or a great location with good food.
Whether you are doing your paper chase as geocaching with GPS devices or Pads, or want to design as a scavenger hunt with road book, the whole event can run under different themes. If sightseeing is too boring for you, you can set out as a special section of the Yard in search of a criminal or perform the whole rally not on foot but with Segways or vintage cars.

Build & Design

Working together on one goal and then holding the result in your hands is always an uplifting feeling. In your creative team building, for example, the Team painting, you create, for example, an attractive image for the entrance area of your company or an Alpine basket for the break room. Building together can also be called team building a part of a ball track which then leads to a functioning effect. Here, different materials are made available and assembled into a pulse train. Communication and planning are particularly important here. Look forward to the bang effect when, at the end of your teambuilding, the ball goes through smoothly from start to finish and the fireworks start. You will not forget the jubilation so quickly.

Even if it does not seem that way, a raft construction is just as creative, because this is not just about the correct installation of a seaworthy raft, the raft can and should make something visually as well.

Team cooking

For all gourmets and those who want to be, as well as for home cooks and people who just love to eat, team cooking is the right choice. Within teambuilding you do not only cook – no, you communicate, distribute tasks, deliver results, without which the next step would not be possible. Cooking together is like working together, you build on each other. And by the way, the creative result will be just delicious. Enjoy your teambuilding action disguised as a cooking event and everyone will have fun.

Choose from our program the appropriate team building activity or talk to us for individual planning. We organize your teambuilding according to your wishes. If you want to solve special problems, events that are professionally accompanied by a coach are the ideal option. Your employees profit from a meaningfully designed team building, the effect has a lasting effect on the daily work routine.

Looking for team bonding ideas?

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