In the Heritage Race programme, participants will be assigned to teams for a hunt around Singapore Heritage sites. At each location, the groups will be presented with a mission related to the culture of the area and will race to complete as many missions as possible before the time runs out. 

This programme provides an opportunity for expats and locals to reminiscence the "good old days". With a challenging array of photo hunt stations and activity stations, participants are guaranteed to have a great time!


Heritage Race Routes

We have designed 8 different race routes for you to choose from, spread across the entire island. Whether you're looking for a more central location, or somewhere closer to your office, there is definitely a race route for you! For more information about our race routes, chat with us and ask us for our proposal!

Activity Stations

Solve clues, find landmarks, conquer the stations!



Activity stations are landmarks along the Heritage Race, that requires participants to perform a team bonding task. These tasks are designed to be in line with the selected waypoint. These activities require a mix of mental skills and sometimes, physical abilities. This ensures that everyone will be able to participate in the activities, regardless of age group or gender.

Wet Weather

To get to the landmarks, participants can either walk or take public transport. Either way, these locations are all strategically placed such that the path to get there is always sheltered from heavy rain and waypoints are placed either under shelter, or near one. Rain or shine, the heritage race goes on!

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