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Last Updated: 5th January 2021

Everyone wants to be a star and with this Hollywood-style team building program, they can be! Operating as mini-production crews, your group will create storyboards, scripts, props, scout locations, and shoot & edit their quick films – all in an effort to produce the world’s best feature (or at least have a great time trying). Our professional creative director will be on site to advise and also produce your team’s final video clip.

Space Requirement

A pre-briefing room/props area suitable for the number of teams in the event and multiple other external areas like outdoors, other boardrooms, offices, common areas, meeting rooms, guest rooms. It’s a shoot it anywhere that suits your story activity.

Ideal For

Teams think and work creatively, within a short period of time, and new ways of viewing the company or product are discovered. Strengths and hidden talents are highlighted when the finished films are shown at the end of the session. Visual thinking and planning allow participants to brainstorm together generating consensus.

Our Package Includes

  • Equipment
  • Movie making trainer
  • Event facilitators

Optional Top-Ups

  • Event venue

  • Food and beverages

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