6 Steps To Run A Successful Team Building Day

We've all been there before. Your boss tasks you to head the committee to organise the next company team building event, and you're just completely lost! Googling for team building activities and programmes doesn't help much, and even if you found some interesting activities you get lost when finding a suitable event venue. We've summarised 6 tips for you when you're organising your next team building day, and this makes your task much easier- hopefully!

Step 1. Before: Select an activity that’s good for your team

 The best team-building activitycan become the worst team-building experience when there is no clear objective. Why spend the time, effort, and money on an activity if you can’t identify the business reason or team benefit you expect as a result? If all you want is to have some fun and kill some time, play a parlor game and enjoy. But if you want to improve your team’s effectiveness, you need to select an activity that will give you your desired results!

Step 2. Before: Prepare for your team-building activity

 You want to make sure you are ready for everyone to have a great learning experience. Fifteen minutes of planning and preparation ahead of time may not guarantee success, but it will certainly help you prevent disaster. Your activity will be most effective if you go into it feeling competent and confident. Some steps to remember:

  •  Read through the entire activity several times.
  •  Obtain all necessary materials
  •  Practice what you are going to say when you start the activity with your team
  •  If the activity requires you to have a role (card dealer, judge, moderator, etc.), practice your comments or actions
  •  Set up the room
  •  Anticipate potential problems

Step 3. During: Explain the activity to the team

A 1-minute introduction can make all the difference in setting your team up for success! People engage better when they know why they are doing something. They also participate better when they understand all the rules up front, and when they are clear on exactly what is expected of them.

Step 4. During: Check for understanding before beginning

People often hesitate to ask for help when they are confused. You can clarify misunderstandings with patience and some simple review questions. You can keep competition from getting out of hand by laying down a few ground rules, but they must be agreed upon up front

Step 5. During: Run the activity

Letting the team go through the activity, and possibly even fail, may be difficult for you to let happen. Remember, the activity is a low-risk alternative to letting the participants learn from failures on the job! People learn and retain better when they experience lessons, rather than when they just hear them. Sit back, observe, and let your team experience.

Step 6. After: Debrief the activity

The Debrief is the most critical part of the team-building activity. It is the time when effective questions will guide the participants to link what they experienced in the activity with their behavior on the job. If this step is skipped or glossed over, most of the impact of the activity will be lost in a matter of days. If you do the Debrief well, the lessons learned during the activity will stay with the team indefinitely

Need help with your upcoming team building day?

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