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Wild Card Bingo - Not just an old school bingo game!

Last Updated: 5th January 2021

Wild Card Bingo is a mix of interaction, excitement, fast paced fun, and thought provoking trivia challenges. You will play rounds that include Human Bingo, Team Challenge Bingo, Trivia Bingo, and Music Bingo. It’s nothing like your old school bingo hall. The atmosphere is lively and friendly, instead of calling out numbers, your facilitator/Emcee play music and you cross off squares on your board based on singer, songs or genres. It’s great fun and the prizes can be awarded for teams or individuals.

Bingo variations include:

  • Human Bingo challenges you to find coworkers who have done specific things listed on your bingo card (someone who has been rescued by on-star, ran a marathon, loves ice cream)
  • Team Bingo Challenges make you work with your teammates to accomplish the challenges listed on your card (rap a nursery rhyme, spell team using all team members, sing out the song BINGO to your host)
  • Trivia Bingo tests your team’s ability to work together to answer trivia questions
  • Music Bingo will make you figure out the artist or title of the music being played. Music videos are included as well to add some effect

Our Package Includes

  • Bingo material

  • Event logistics and manpower

Optional Top-Ups

  • Event venue

  • Invitation cards

  • Door gifts

  • Games prizes

  • Food and beverages

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