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Save the Titanic

Build a Raft Team Building with a Twist

Last Updated: 5th January 2021

Save the Titanic Challenge tests the best of teams to innovate, execute, meet aggressive performance measures and integrate diverse work processes and/or functions all while simulating a virtual team environment. What’s the result? A Titanic Ship that stays afloat and keeps her passengers safe.  

Foundation Using only the materials supplied, each team must create a ‘piece of the Titanic ship’ that is capable of carrying a minimum of 4 passengers. After the independent pieces have been created and tested, the final challenge is to bring the Titanic together into a working craft that is capable of carrying 9 passengers around a distant iceberg and back to shore.

Action The process gets increasingly complex when the diverse pieces of the Titanic must be ‘Integrated‘ seamlessly under the pressure of time. Add a few budget cuts that alter the availability of resources and you have an environment that requires adaptability to change. It’s not the fastest team that wins – rather the smartest team or the team that can think ‘outside of the ship’.

Results From mid-level teams to executive teams, the Save the Titanic Challenge requires team members to think strategically while working across a virtual team environment. Strong collaboration is a must to bring the multiple processes or functions together successfully.

Our Package Includes

  • Raft building material
  • Life jackets
  • Instructors
  • Event logistics and manpower

Optional Top-Ups

  • Event venue
  • Invitation cards
  • Door gifts
  • Games prizes
  • Food and beverages
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