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Sentosa Team Building Games

Last Updated: 5th January 2021

Congratulations! You found one of the most popular team building program in Singapore! Our team has developed 2 special programmes for team building on Sentosa. If you want to bring your team to the extreme, pick our Sentosa Beach Games aka Versagility on the Beach! Want something less intensive but instead, want to explore the many secret corners of Sentosa? Then the Hidden Fortress programme is for you!

Sentosa Beach Games

Get wet and sandy with our super fun and competitive beach games!

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Station Games

Go head to head against the other teams at different beach game stations on Sentosa! Put your heads together to complete mental challenges, or pit your strength against the other teams in a game of physical challenge. Either way, you have to work together as a team in order to be crowned the winner in these station games!

Mass Participation

Once you’ve completed all the station games, we’ll proceed to the final activity which is a mass participation challenge involving all teams and players! Compete with other teams in a game of beach dodgeball, or a game of mass tug-of-war. Either way, this finale is going to bring your team’s performance to its highest level!

Hidden Fortress

Complete an amazing race around Sentosa, once an important fortress for Singapore!

Sentosa Team Building 2

Solve Clues

We’ll hand your team a cluebook and tell you where you should go, but not directly! Solve clues we’ve planted in the cluebook in order to find your next destination, and bring your team there in one piece! Some clues are more tricky than others, and you might even need to get some help from tourists to translate clues that are in a foreign language. Do what you need to do to get to your desination fast!

Complete Station Activities

When you get to the correct landmarks on Sentosa, you’ll be expected to complete special station activities planned for that specific landmark. As a team, you might be asked to perform and record a video with a given storyboard, complete an artistic challenge that has something to do with a historical legend, or even find a mystery person in a funny hat! Expect the unexpected if you want to win!

The Hidden Fortress is now known as The Get Out! Challenge!
More new routes have been launched for Sentosa and for the rest of Singapore’s heritage sites!

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