Read This Before Joining a Virtual Career Fair

Read This Before Joining a Virtual Career Fair

Read This Before Joining a Virtual Career Fair 1

With the ever-growing amount of online job searches, organizations are continually looking for ways to build their online recruitment strategy. A growing trend in online recruitment is the use of virtual career fairs. Organizations can create a virtual space in which potential candidates can interact with recruiters, network with other candidates, and view presentations given by the host organization.

Many of these platforms allow the corporation to fully customize the look of the site, even making the site look identical to the lobby of their office space. A great perk of using this virtual space is the ability to post videos, documents, and even job application links that allow the candidate to apply instantly. For recruiters, a career fair could be a crucial frontline to attract and fetch the best talents in the business. Here’s how you can stand out and ‘sell’ their business to entice top performers.

Leverage on Social Media
Social media is the fastest, easiest, and cheapest platform of communication to almost promote everything. Therefore, leverage the power of your company’s social media accounts to promote the event and let your followers know that you are hiring. For example, you can make use of the Facebook feature to create an event invitation, or Instagram Live to broadcast real-time events. Talents might be able to acquire updated information about the latest job openings through online job portals and submit their applications right away.

Reflect Your Brand
Virtual career fairs should reflect employer brand. Promotional products and signage are essential to stand out in a “sea of companies” at career fairs. The attendees should know right away who you are, what you do, and for what positions you are hiring. This way, you get the most qualified applicants right away. Vendors typically allow companies to be creative with the information they share as well as the format they display. Some of the information required for an online booth include company videos, list of currently open positions, company locations map, company news, company social media channels, and company perks.

Read This Before Joining a Virtual Career Fair 2

Virtual career fairs provide a great space to increase an organizations brand awareness. Employers should use these fairs to promote new materials that the public cannot find on the company website. If candidates are taking the time to come to the online event, they should receive unique information that will help them in their job search. Some great ideas for unique content are interview tips, employee testimonials, and “day in the life” videos.

Select Your Booth Representative Properly
Overall, make your booth attractive with clear a beautiful signage. Your booth representative represents your brand and is the first point of contact to your potential attendees. They should be approachable, friendly, and perform professionally. The materials they provide should be alluring and informative. A great tip is to compile a messaging sheet of standard responses that recruiters operating the online booth can pull from to ensure consistency in company branding. Additionally, having a “cheat sheet” for primary responses to questions regarding deadlines and standard procedures allows the recruiters to be more efficient and spend more time quality time getting to know the attendees.

In an online environment, you are exposed to a much bigger crowd, bringing more traffic to your doors. However, if you don’t manage this correctly, you are wasting great opportunities to find the next big thing for your company. Make the most of your opportunities with the tips above!

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