Just like professional racing, the Race Derby program is about the crew and driver.  The first order of business will be to elect a Pit Crew Boss. The Pit Crew Boss will provide overall supervision for this team challenge. Once the team has decided on a theme for their car, the Pit Boss will assign each team member a role. Each team member must work together in their various roles if they are to revel in the winner’s circle.

Teams are provided materials to develop a blueprint, build a vehicle complete with chassis and body, pass a safety inspection and then “Let the Race Begin.” For those who prefer a less “physical” role, there is also a racing suit to be designed, as well as a team chant to create. Teams will be judged not only on their teamwork, but meeting budget and building within specification. The final challenge will be a series of races on a downhill plywood track. Do you want to build consensus in your group? Do you want to strengthen communication skills while promoting a sense of camaraderie? Then ‘Pimp Your Ride’ – it’s the best deal on wheels! 


Our Package Includes

  • Building material
  • Event logistics and manpower

Optional Top-Ups

  • Event venue
  • Invitation cards
  • Door gifts
  • Games prizes
  • Food and beverages