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FIVE Benefits For Venue Owners


We will include your venue as a recommended venue to all suitable event clients in our proposals. Even if we don’t win the deal, you win the prospect as they may contact you directly to organise future events!


Your venue will get a dedicated listing on our Preferred Venues page, on With our endorsement, your venue will get targeted exposure to potential event clients!


We get over 100k unique visitors every month across our online platforms, and having a reciprocal link from Get Out! Events will boost your search engine ranking and give you relevant traffic!


We will provide you with beautiful 3D renders of your event space, set up digitally for different types of events. You have the rights to use these renders on your website and promotional material, to help your own clients visualise what their event would look like at your space.


Since 2012, our team has run over 2,000 events. From smaller groups to large scale 6,000 pax events, we know what event organiser and clients want from an event venue. In your customised POWER-UP PACK, we will provide you with tips that are relevant to your venue.


Give us a floor plan and we’ll help you monetise it. 
Like how we’ve done for the other venues below.


Before After Preferred Venue Partners 1Preferred Venue Partners 2
Before After Preferred Venue Partners 3Preferred Venue Partners 4


Preferred Venue Partners 5
Preferred Venue Partners 6
Preferred Venue Partners 7
Preferred Venue Partners 8
Preferred Venue Partners 9
Preferred Venue Partners 10


Many sites ask for a 10% referral fee.

We are only asking for a reciprocal link back to Get Out! Events on your website. NO FEES, NO COMMISSIONS, NO EXCLUSIVITY.


Pick the key that you like and drop a link back to us, that’s it!

Preferred Venue Partners 11
Preferred Venue Partners 12
Preferred Venue Partners 13


Submit the form below and our team will be in touch to onboard you as our Preferred Venue Partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to have a contract with Get Out! Events?

No. You do not need to have a contract. The moment you are ready to be part of our Preferred Venue Programme, just send in a confirmation email, together with your venue photos and layout and we’ll get started putting together your Power Up Pack and your 3D renders! 

Do you need to list us directly on your website?

No, you don’t have to. As long as you indicated that Get Out1 Events is your preferred venue on your website, and it links back to us – we are ok! 

For instance, you can have a middle page where you can have a short page on your website where it shows an overall description on Get Out! Events, before you link it to us.

Is there any exclusivity that is involved here?

No. We don’t expect any exclusivity listing. We will both be preferred partners and will be free to work with anyone else!

What's the catch?

If you are serious in working with Get Out! Events, there is really no catch here. We are genuinely looking for Preferred Venue Partners to work with. 

We will also be doing up a customised Power-Up Pack specifically for your event space. This Power-Up Pack will include in the types of events suitable, together with the pricing, event flow, and event what are the key items that the customer is always looking for when picking a venue.

This is for your management team to have a deeper understanding of the types of events that your venue is suitable for. 

Are we able to have a “try-out” period?

Yes. The minimum “try-out” period will be 1 year! Afterwhich, we can review what both of us have gotten so far and decided if we are going to continue this partnership. 

What if a client wants to book directly with you?

They can do so freely! Our motivation is to recommend the most suitable venues around the world for our corporate event clients. If they believe that they do not require event management services, and only wish to book your venue, they can do so directly!

Preferred Event Venues

We curate a list of event venues around the world that we believe are most suitable for your corporate events.
Pick a country below to see the list of venues that we recommend.
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