Paper Rollercoaster

Paper rollercoaster is an extremely fast marble track completely consisting out of paper, created by yourself. The possibilities are endless.

The team would be given a building kit with materials such as glue, clips, marbles, and a clear building guide. All parts of your track are pushed out of their sheets with ease. Teams have to consider how they are going to create their tracks – narrow, high, wide or even three-dimensional.

Afterward, teams would create parts, such as the curves, funnel and a switch. They will use this for the first part of their track.

Their track becomes even more exciting when they include red tricks. They can create a ramp, a real big funnel, or anything that they can come up with.

Has that sparked your interest?

Our Package Includes

  • Building material

  • Event logistics and manpower

Optional Top-Ups

  • Event venue

  • Invitation cards

  • Door gifts

  • Games prizes

  • Food and beverages

Paper Rollercoaster 1

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