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Interchange Lets You Run Engaging Virtual Events

It’s more than a video conference or webinar tool. Interchange was created so that people like you, who aren’t programmers or event professionals, can easily create a virtual event that is highly engaging and inclusive.

Video First, Because Facetime Matters

We get it. You don’t always want to turn on your camera whenever you’re on a video call (gasp!). But you do want to see who’s on the other side of the call, don’t you? It’s being human to want to interact with others visually, that’s how we are programmed. And that is why we’ve focused on the importance of video on the interchange.

  • ​Encrypted video calls
  • ​No software installation required​
  • ​You’re in full control of what others see and hear​

Freedom To Interact

You treasure your freedom in real life, and we believe you shouldn’t give it up in the virtual world. Join the rooms you want, chat with whoever you want, and move from breakout rooms to a live stream. Do all this in an instant without waiting for a host to “Put you in a room”.

  • Come and go as you please (as long as you’re authorised)​
  • Host-independent platform​
  • ​One-to-one or many-to-many video calls, it’s up to you​

More Than A Stream

90% of virtual events and meetings run for longer than a live event. And it’s because most virtual solutions are single track, or depend on a main host to keep everything organised. Interchange let’s you run everything in parallel on autopilot. Do a live stream on the main stage, a hackathon in a room, and a scavenger hunt in another. At the same time, without waiting for a host to give “permission” or opening multiple browser windows. This level of multilevel interaction is unprecedented in the virtual world today.

  • ​​Run multiple activities concurrently on one platform​
  • ​Embed custom web apps to your Interchange​
  • ​Live streams, on demand videos, eCommerce and more​

Always-On Cloud Technology

Whenever you want your Interchange to be accessible by your participants, just turn it on. If you want, keep it on forever! You'll never have to wait for a host to come online before starting your event. And you'll also never have to worry about your host disconnecting midway through an event!

  • ​Hosted on Google Cloud Servers​
  • ​>= 99.99% server uptime guarantee​​
  • ​No event host required, start whenever you want​

Go Virtual With Heart

With Interchange, you are opening yourself to a world of possibilities. This platform was built by humans, for humans. And we invite you to join us in our mission to bring human nature to the virtual world.

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Virtual Events

too much information?

Here Are The Four Features That I Love The Most​

  • Video First: Encrypted Video Conferencing On Demand​
  • Customisations​: Style Interchange To Match Your Brand Guidelines​
  • 3rd Party Apps​: Embed Web Apps Onto Your Interchange Easily​
  • ​​Multiple Rooms​: ​Create Your Rooms And Let Your Attendees Do The Rest
A Personal Letter
Felix Sim round photo
Felix Sim

For the past 10 years, I’ve been working intimately with thousands of decision-makers, HR managers, event professionals, marketing professionals, sales professionals, consultants and business owners to build stronger relationships through events.

My background is in Economics and Finance, and before I entered the events industry, I lived in Dubai for a few years. I was providing consulting services to financial institutions in the Middle East, and consulted extensively on regulatory and compliance matters. I had an amazing time there, but to me, there was only one place in the world I can call home, and that is Singapore. No matter how tough it was to give up what I had, I made the choice to embrace change. Which is why in 2012, I returned to Singapore to embark on a new journey in my life.

I entered the events industry in 2012 with no prior experience. When I first started, I couldn’t even tell the difference between an A-Frame tent to a Dome tent. It took me 4 months to put a finger on the strategy that I wanted the business to move towards, and a lot longer to implement the strategy. We started with smaller groups, and in a few years we were planning events for thousands of people, and even brought the world’s largest inflatable obstacle course to Singapore in 2018. It wasn’t easy getting there especially since I had no prior event experience and no mentors. I had to figure things out the hard way, while growth hacking our brand and marketing strategies. Since 2012, we organised over 2,000 events. If you take an average of 20% closure-rate for sales, we would have sent over 10,000 proposals to prospects in the last 8 years. 10,000 proposals. Wow. From sending 10,000 live event proposals, to live events being cancelled. This is the second time change hit me hard.

Since live events started getting cancelled in January, lots have happened. Stacy and I welcomed our little princess to the family. I launched a Facebook group to share tips on productivity and work-life balance especially when working from home. That group now has over 500 members, and 30 video lessons. I added over 3,000 new connections on LinkedIn, mostly event professionals from around the world. We launched 5 of our own Virtual Event Software. And in the same period, I recorded my first, and my 80th video on YouTube. While the world was drowning in COVID-19 news, I refused to let myself be influenced by all the negativity. You have to consciously remove the negativity in your own life, in order for positive things to happen.

There’s really nothing much you can do this year if you’re an event planner. If you represent a corporate who’s still looking to plan events, virtual events is the only thing you can plan for this year. If you’re a freelancer, then try to get yourself involved with the virtual events ecosystem and see how you can contribute. You can also consider planning your own virtual events for clients – in order words – go direct to the client. For event professionals, if you have not launched any virtual events solutions by the end of this year, you’re basically screwed.

Next year is going to be worse for the economy in general, but smaller live events will be allowed to run. Think about how you can organise a series of small events, rather than one large event. Bite-sized events are more palatable to event sponsors and clients, and will also fall within the current regulator restrictions. If an event cannot be split into smaller events, then once again, virtual events are going to be the focus for 2021. They are more cost-effective, and COVID-proof.

2022 will be the start of a very long recovery. Assuming you’re still an event planner by then, that would mean that you have not only survived the previous years. You would have built a reputation for yourself as a professional event planner who was able to overcome the odds. This is extremely important, because there will be a flight to quality in this year. It is not enough to only be planning events throughout the start of this crisis. It is even more important to build a brand, and to let your sponsors and clients know what you’ve been up to. Whatever you do leading up to this point, will determine whether January 2023 is a turning point for you, or a continued struggle for the next few years.

The events business is all about relationships, and reputation. And in order to maintain a good reputation while running a virtual event, you have to make sure that you pick the right technology.

Have you ever heard of Zoom fatigue? And have you ever tried moderating a Zoom or Teams call with ten rooms? This is what guided the development of Interchange. Interchange is a virtual platform that focuses on authentic interactions, mimicking the real life experience and interactions before COVID-19 shut everything down. This platform gives the power to interact back to the attendees. The Interchange platform is intuitive and truly flexible.

Sign up for a free trial and you’ll see how easy it is to host an engaging event on the Interchange.

To your success,
Felix Sim

Video Testimonials

All These Virtual Events Were Run On The Interchange – Your Event Could Be Next!

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Felix & Stacy Sim

Felix & Stacy Sim

Who Are We?

Interchange is a product of the Get Out!® Group, which is managed by husband and wife team, Felix and Stacy.

We have run over 2,000 events since 2012, both in-person and virtual events. We have also consulted for and met with over 10,000 professionals, managed remote teams both large and small and regularly develop new ideas on building relationships through events. We know how it works, and we know how to do it for you.

Events in 2020 has reminded us how fragile our planet actually is, and we are now inspired to create sustainable and highly engaging virtual events with our clients and partners.

Join us in our movement to change the world of events.

Virtual Events

Let Us Show You In A Live Demo

  • Encrypted video calls​
  • ​No software installation required​
  • Runs on any browser, any device
  • ​Run multiple activities concurrently on one platform​
  • ​Embed custom web apps on your Interchange​

Looking For More Ideas?

Here Are 12 Ideas For Your Next Virtual Family Day

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Family days have always been an event that companies look forward to. It is the best opportunity for employees and their family to interact and engage freely with each other, and with their bosses. Zoom can’t let you do that.

Interchange can.

And In 11 Minutes, Learn How To Plan A Virtual Dinner & Dance 

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You can’t organise a large-scale gala dinner in real life this year. So how do you celebrate as a company? Here are some ideas you can use to organise your next virtual gala dinner on the Interchange.​