How to Influence Virtual Teams?

How to Influence Virtual Teams?

How to Influence Virtual Teams? 1

We have grown accustomed to interacting and influencing our teams face-to-face. However, with the accelerated move towards remote working due to the pandemic situation, many are wondering how they can continue to influence their virtual teams. In this article, we will be sharing our top 5 tips to motivate your virtual team effectively!

Tip #1: Set Clear Task Deadlines
Working remotely means employees have the flexibility to work on their tasks at their preferred time of the day. However, this should not mean that they are granted the freedom to extend deadlines at their own will. As a leader, set clear deadlines for them to follow and check in regularly to ensure they are on track. Online platforms such as Asana and Slack are instrumental in both assigning and monitoring tasks.

How to Influence Virtual Teams? 2

Tip #2: Be Patient When Explaining Tasks
It may sound time-consuming, but it is the biggest time saver you are looking for. When given clear direction and a deadline of when to deliver, teams can present desirable results.
So when you see another Zoom call coming in, remember to be patient and show you are open to helping your team.

Tip #3: Know Your Team Members’ Strengths and Weaknesses
This is especially important when assigning tasks to different members of the team. Understanding their strengths and weaknesses allows you to assign tasks strategically.

There should be a fair balance between tasks you know a particular member is gifted at, and tasks that they may find poses a challenge. Assigning them tasks they are good at can act as a useful motivational tool. In contrast, difficult tasks ensure they are continually learning and growing.

How to Influence Virtual Teams? 3

Tip #4: Run effective Virtual Team Meetings
You should have a compulsory team meeting at least once a week. This provides an opportunity to both check in on your team’s progress and allow them to clarify any doubts they may have. Start meetings on a pleasant and casual note. This should continue to be the practice even when the pandemic is over. Ask how everyone is doing, possibly share something exciting that happened over the weekend. This helps the team feel closer together, despite being physically apart. Make sure someone is taking minutes. Team members can take turns to take on this role. Whether a meeting is in person or online, details are essential for future reference. They should not be forgotten simply because of a change in setting. You should always end meetings with a recap. This ensures everyone is clear on their next step and can begin working on it right after the meeting.

Tip #5: Be Approachable
Our final tip is to be approachable! The move towards becoming a virtual team can be challenging for some members. Let them know and feel that they are welcome to share their concerns with you. After all, “power creates distance, leaders bridge the gap”.

And those are our top 5 tips for influencing your virtual teams. We hope they will be useful for you and your team. Good luck!

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