How Do You Engage on Post?

How Do You Engage on Post? 1

Putting out your content is just one way to bring people to your profile. Commenting on relevant and more popular posts also does wonders for you. It is important for you to learn how to comment so that you get the most interactions and eyeballs from it.

You want to start off by choosing posts with tons of interactions already, as those posts have the most people engaged. This also means that the post will be served more often, giving a higher rate of exposure to your comments along with it. You can do this by going to today’s news. Click on one of the Editor’s Picks that catches your eye.

There is no specific template or sentence that you can copy and paste. That would make absolutely no sense since all posts are different. You need to be relevant. You can gain a lot of insights by researching popular posts and the type of comments that gets the most attention. That will show you the type of comments that people resonate with. The easiest is, of course, to look at the number of likes each comment has. Make sure your comment isn’t too short, and it has to be in proper English. Around 6 sentences is a good length for a decent comment with enough content and are not too draggy.

You should try to make a point in your comment. Take a stand on the article, and share your thoughts for or against the author’s view. Add a nice touch by substantiating your personal experiences. One thing to note is not to go overboard. If you have more than one point to share, I suggest you write your own article. The comments section is not the right place to build a case. It is for you to get straight to the point. One point will more than suffice.

All in all, you should learn to spend some time checking out the general mood of the article. Always be sincere in your comments, and don’t comment for the sake of it. If you do, it comes up very obvious. No one likes that. Look at other comments and try to learn from the popular ones before leaving your own. That should get you a comment that is relatable to the majority of people engaging in the post.

How Do You Engage on Post? 2

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