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HoverGP™ HoverKart Race

It’s LIVE MARIO KART! Complete with adult-sized HoverGP™ Karts, plus shells and bananas to throw. Don’t worry, they don’t actually explode, but you’ll still need to sign a waiver.

Your next cohesion event will never be the same again! Relive the gamer in you and book our HoverGP™ cohesion package, today!

The package lasts for 2 hours, and comes with GoKarts, theme boosters, and instructors to ensure you have the most legit kart race ever! A Driver’s License is NOT required to participate in the HoverGP™ race.

You may also choose any indoor or outdoor venue and we’ll set it all up for you there!

HoverGP™ vs Traditional Go Karting in Singapore

  1. Flexible Location
    We can run HoverGP™ at any location you wish. From an empty open-air carpark, to your office grounds if you have enough open space! You’re not longer restricted by logistical nightmare of having to bring the entire team to the track. HoverGP™ brings the track to you!
  2. No License? No Problem!
    You do not need to have a driver’s license to enjoy the full fun factor of HoverGP™, whereas to enjoy the maximum speed at GoKart tracks in Singapore, you will require one. Now everyone can play!
  3. Value for Money
    It costs about $45/kart/8 minutes at a GoKart track in Singapore. If you have a group of 10 people, and want to have 60 minutes of non-stop fun, that would add up to $3,375! HoverGP™ costs only $300/kart for 60-120 minutes of fun, depending on your group size!

Game Scenarios and Duration

There are 2 game scenarios, each lasting for about 30 minutes to 60 minutes depending on your group size:

  1. Balloon Battle
  2. HoverGP™ Race

Balloon Battle

If you have a confined space, the HoverGP™ Balloon Battle is definitely suitable for your cohesion! Every player will have balloons tied to their HoverGP™ Karts, and will be given weapons to destroy the other players’ balloons. The last player with balloons left on their HoverGP™ Karts will be declared the champion!

HoverGP™ Race

For once, you won’t have to smell diesel or have a driver’s license to join in a GoKart race! Our HoverGP™ Karts are safe to use, battery-powered, and can be run both indoors and outdoors. Whether it’s in your office building, a sports hall, or an outdoor carpark, wherever there is flat ground and open space, we’re ready to set up your race tracks for you!

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