Here is How You Stand Out at that Virtual Trade Fair

Here is How You Stand Out at that Virtual Trade Fair by Get Out
Here is How You Stand Out at that Virtual Trade Fair 1

In the B2B sector, trade fairs and congresses have always been a vital instrument for image building and sales support. Digital conferences are an excellent complement to classic trade fair presentations. This is characterized in particular by lower costs and organizational effort. Companies can manage these digital stands easily from their offices. Other preparatory work, such as packing and shipping trade fair materials, is also not necessary. The time saved should be used for other tasks. Here you will find helpful tips for organizing your next virtual trade fair appearance.

Seamless Virtual Experience
Ensure your attendees have a positive experience from the moment they arrive at the virtual platform until their final session. Below are three things that you should pay more attention to.

Cross – Platform Compatibility: Your event should run well on the latest version of all major browsers — Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc. It should also be mobile-responsive on both Android and iOS devices. Give your attendees more mediums to engage with your virtual trade show and conference content, exhibitors, speakers, partners, and fellow attendees.

Here is How You Stand Out at that Virtual Trade Fair 2

Easy navigation:
A directory of all exhibitors & their booth number should be available. Ensure the virtual trade fair visitors are taken to the booth directly using teleport navigation for a smooth experience.

Indexed Archives of Event Resources: An attendee should be able to quickly go through the history of documents, videos & images viewed by him, and be allowed to download them. He should also be able to see the report of the exhibitors visited, people connected with, business cards exchanged, and chats made with exhibitors.

Professional Video Production: Engage virtual attendees using high-quality videos, animation, and graphics. Create an experience that combines brand elements and clear language with a captivating video presentation.

Here is How You Stand Out at that Virtual Trade Fair 3

3D Productions:
As marketing continues to move entirely into the digital space, trade shows are alive and well, and in many ways more important than ever. Reaching a target audience has always been the central challenge of marketing and sales. With trade shows, everyone is a potential customer or brand advocate-in-waiting. Why else would they be at a trade show, if they are not interested in your family of products? You just need to woo them, wow them, and win them over. A great way to do this is by using 3D animation and motion graphics at trade shows to enhance your booth’s appeal. It will enrich your message, bolster your brand, support your sales team, and make the competition wish they had done the same. When it comes to showcasing your products, 3D animation is more than a flashy way of grabbing attendees’ attention. Those animations show how their engineering and innovation translate into the performance and reliability their customers expect. Using motion graphics will help you to captivate attendees, get them intrigued by the story, characters, and scenarios you present, as well.

Even as the world changes, you don’t have to dump your plans. Instead, showcase your products and story with engaging virtual events. With these tips, you will be able to generate great results from your virtual trade shows, even if this is your first venture into this space.


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