Great Beach Game Ideas To Try For Your Beach Site Team-building Event

male beach volleyball game playerThe beach is a great place to visit for fun. There is a little of everything for adults and for kids. In case of corporate events, there is a lot that can be appealing to employees. The sand and the water provide more than just fun, but opportunities to engage in exercises that promote greater engagement between colleagues. There are a couple of things you might want to take with you to the beach to play different games. There are staples that you can never go wrong with. A beach ball can give you hours of fun. Plastic buckets and shovels are handy for games that take place on the sand. Here are some beach games to keep you entertained:

#1. Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball is popular on most beaches. Some even have nets set up so you don’t have to bring your own net. Beach volleyball is fun. People can be as aggressive as they need to be because the sand cushions the fall. This is a game for everyone, young or old.

#2. Dodge Ball

Dodgeball is another game that involves throwing balls around. In beach volleyball, you need to chase the ball and avoid it. This is how it works. The ball is thrown high in the air and someone catches it. He or she has a few seconds to throw it with the aim of hitting a player on the opposing team. If the ball hits someone, they need to sit down. Someone else can pick the ball and throw it back at the side of the opposite team or the person who had to sit down after being hit can grab the ball and throw it at someone who is standing. If the ball hits the intended target, the person sitting down can get up and get back in the game.

#3. The Beach Ball Relay

hands holding colorful beach ball

A beach relay can be played with beach balls, bandanas or sunglasses. The brighter and whimsical the other items are, the better. Divide the group into teams; demarcate a start and finish line. To play, team members have to run with the ball between their knees and then pass the ball on to the next member of the team along the way. The team members also have to pass on the bandana or sunglasses. This can slow people down. However, those who can make the switch the fastest can get to the next stage quickly. If the ball is dropped or the team member loses the sunglasses or bandana they must return to the starting line. The team that has all its members reaching the end win the game.

#4. Obstacle Course

Create a beach obstacle course with beach chairs, towels, cooler boxes and whatever else you have on hand. The team that has the most members finish the course in the fastest time wins the race.

#5. Limbo

Create a limbo pole with something like a boat oar or a beach towel. Have two people hold the towel at both ends. Limbo is fun. Test how low everyone can go. The person who can lean the furthest and clears the pole wins the challenge. Add some music or have everyone singing something catchy to keep the vibe festive.

#6. Beach Survivor

Play the Ultimate beach survivor game. You should do some preliminary planning. Divide people into groups and have them compete in a series of challenges. The one who holds out the longest will be declared the ultimate survivor. – Challenges can be anything from “tug of war” to hopping across the sand on one leg. – Get individuals to stand on one leg for as long as possible, the person who can stand the longest wins. – Bury one member from each team in the sand, have the other members dig him out with their bare hands. – The team that manages to get their colleague out the fastest wins.

#7. The Hula Circle Relay

Divide everyone into two or three teams. Get Hula Hoops for each team. The teams must create a circle by holding hands. When the taskmaster yells “go!” the teams get the hula hoop and must stop holding hands in order to put the hoop on the first person’s arm and lock hands again. The team must move the hoop from one hand to the next without breaking the circle. The team that is able to get the hula hoop going around for the most times wins.

#8. Musical Blankets

businessman on beach playing ball gameThis is similar to the typical musical chairs game except for the use of towels instead of actual chairs. Beach towels are laid out on the sand for each member except one. Play some music and have them dance around the beach towels. When the music stops the players must either be sitting or standing on a towel. The player who is left with no towel to stand on is out of the game. Continue doing this by removing one more towel and start the music once again. The ultimate winner is the one who is left standing after a few couple of rounds.

#9. Beach Tug of War

Divide everyone into teams with an equal number of players. Use a rope. Draw a line in the sand and have the teams stand at either side of the line holding the rope at both ends. The teams will then pull each other to their respective side. The team that crosses over the line loses.

#10. Beach Sand Art

What’s a beach without sandcastles? Get the different teams to build some sort of castle or fort. They can use the sand, shells, stones or driftwood to make their creations stand out. Set a time for the teams to create their respective sand masterpieces. The sand art that stands out and holds up the longest will be the winner.

#11. Beach Pong Relay

You will need ping-pong balls and a thin pole like a pool noodle for the teams. The aim is to have one person in the team herd at least 3 ping pong balls through an obstacle course created with bottles, beach chairs, stone, towels, etc. the team that manages to herd the most balls to the end will win. There is so much that you can do at the beach, just let your imagination take over. With the sun, and surf and people’s determination to have fun, you can never go wrong with hosting a fun day at the beach.

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