Inflatable Bouncy Castles

We offer the largest Singapore-themed inflatable bouncy castles for events and rental.

Dragon Playground Slide XXL

The Dragon Playground has become a unique icon of Singapore, appearing on localised merchandise such as tote bags and pins. The Orange Dragon Playground was officially opened to the public in 1979, alongside other animal inspired playgrounds.

Rental Price: $2,400 per day (up to 8 hours)

Hawker Centre Maze XXL

Singaporeans often eat at hawker centres, coffee shops or food courts rather than restaurants. These hawker centres are widespread, cheap and usually feature dozens of stalls in a single complex, with each stall offering its own speciality dishes. 

Rental Price: $1,800 per day (up to 8 hours)

Custom Inflatables Design and Production

With our client services and design team based in Singapore, we provide inflatable conceptualisation and design services to clients globally. From obstacle courses to promotional inflatables, we will take on the challenge to design and produce the inflatable of your dreams. YOUR creativity is the limit!

We provide all our clients 1 year warranty on all our inflatable products. In the event a repair is required, we will provide inflatable repair services for free as long as your product is covered within the terms of our warranty.