Fun Entertainment Ideas To Try Out At Your Next Event

group of friends drinking having funIf you are hosting an event, you have to think about keeping your guests entertained. Different people find different things entertaining, so the first consideration is what kind of event you are hosting. This will give you an idea of the kind of people who will be attending and what they may find entertaining. The important thing is to get your guests to enjoy themselves and have a good time. It is important to find something that is special and memorable. There are hundreds of things you could do to entertain guests, but coming up with ideas that will appeal to a greater number of people can be a challenge. However, here are a couple of fun entertainment ideas that will make your event a memorable one.

#1. Hire a comedian

Comedy is always a good icebreaker, especially at corporate events, but these days everyone who can tell a couple of good jokes fancies himself a good comedian. If you are going to go for humor, make sure you hire a professional comedian with a good reputation. For a corporate event, make sure that the comedian understands corporate culture. If he is going to poke fun at anyone give him or her a sense of what the audience will be like and which topics would be no go areas.

#2. Hire a magician

Magic is not something that appeals to children only. For some reason, the little child in each of us wants to believe in a magical world where the impossible is possible. If you are going to get a magician make sure he or she can do more than just card tricks. It would be fun to get a magician that is so good he can make the CEO disappear or be sawn in half. Get the guests to participate, the entertainment value of a magical trick is heightened when the audience participates.

#3. Book an Improv Group

Take requests from your guests and let the vocal improv group act them out on stage. This can turn out to be entertaining and very funny.

#4. Book a Live Band

Booking a band for a live performance is something that some would say has been done to death, but music is always a fun entertainment idea. You can make things interesting by getting a musician to write a special song for the event. If all else fails, have an open mike session a la karaoke and have people get in touch with their inner Beyoncé, Sam Smith or whoever.

#5.Hire an Impersonator

Hiring a celebrity impersonator to come to the event and act out the role of a famous person could be fun. You can make it more special with selfies or you can even have them sign some autographs. If Elvis is too much of a cliché then try a Donald Trump impersonator, there seems to be a lot of those around.

#6. Book a Caricature Artist

drums and microphoneCaricature portraits are always a fun. They can capture the guests and are a great souvenir for guests. Some artists create free-hand sketches whist others do it digitally. The digital artists can even superimpose their drawings on computer generated backdrops.

#7. Hire a Juggler

Jugglers aren’t just for kids parties. There are some talented jugglers and plate spinners who can mingle with the crowd during cocktail hour.

#8. Book a Stilt Walker

Stilt walkers are up there with clowns, acrobats and jugglers, but they can also make an adult party fun. Book someone with an act that is tailored for an adult crowd if you are hosting a corporate event. They also bring in a carnival flavor, so if you have a carnival themed event a stilt walker can be a fun addition.

#9. Book a Palm Reader or Fortune Teller

You can book a palm reader to read palms and predict your guest’s future. Get the company CEO’s fortune read to get a prediction of the company’s future.

#10. Book a Tribute Band

Book a tribute band to play popular songs at your event. You can also get an a Capella group to mingle with the guests as they belt out song after song.

#11. Book an Orchestra

If you are hosting a formal event, an orchestra or a couple of violinists can give the party that high-brow atmosphere. To give the event a festive atmosphere in an informal setting, a mariachi band can be great fun.

#12. Hire a DJ

Book a DJ who will play your kind of music. That will fill those awkward silences you should not have at a fun event. DJs know how to get a party started and keep it going into the wee hours of the morning. Get a really good one.

#13. Hire Carolers

Planning a Christmas event? Then carolers can bring the festive season cheer to a Christmas party.

#14. Living Statues

Mimes are a nice idea but living statues are even better. So chose them over the typical mime trying to palm his way out of an invisible box.

#15. Bring the Circus to Your Event

If you have the space and you would like to create a festive, carnival-like experience then book an entire cirque act. Cirque events are particularly entertaining for events that incorporate families.

crowd at concert#16. Incorporate Eastern Ideas

Think Arabian nights and incorporate belly dancers and snake charmers into your event. A snake charmer and a bevy of beautiful belly dancers add mystique into a corporate event. They can create a mystical and magical allure to a corporate function.

#17. Hire an Ice Sculptor

Ice sculptors have been used in many events, but most of the time it’s the finished product that makes it to the event and not the creator. You can make it more interesting if you have an ice sculptor carve out a company logo or some other interesting thing live with people watching. It is a fascinating thing to witness and your guests might enjoy seeing the creation of an ice sculptor.

#18. Have a Talent Show

How about inviting your guest to a sing-off or a dance- off. It’s a way to loosen up the guests and is a great way to encourage healthy competition. In the case of corporate events, it gives the higher-ups a way to engage with the rest of the employees. Seeing the CEO belting out an ABBA Song or spitting rap rhymes may show a side that the CEO never gets to show, making him or her more human and hopefully, more approachable.

#19. Hire a Hula or Polynesian Dancer

Hula dancers are right up there with belly dancers. They inject a bit of culture in the event and give guests an escape, albeit for a couple of hours where guests can imagine themselves in a tropical island even in the dead of winter.

The bottom line

There are hundreds if not thousands of entertainment ideas you can try out. You just need to be creative and think outside the box to come up with the most memorable event. When in doubt, ask the professional planners for more fun entertainment ideas.

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