Fun, Engaging Indoor Team building Games

women doing aerial yogaYou know what they say about too much work with no play? You would think that this common phrase does not apply to grown men and women. But, the truth is that grown people too need to jump around, unwind and take time off from the workplace. Now, this is no day off spent at home, busking with a magazine on a recliner seat at the balcony. This is a few days of nothing but fun and games with friends, colleagues,and workmates in a peaceful, bright and free environment. Team building is a major pillar that contributes significantly to increased productivity at the workplace. On hearing the term team building, many picture outdoor physical activities like running on the track, playing tag, the blindfold maze and go-cart racing, the list is endless. But, did you know that you can have just as much fun by engaging in a number of indoor team building games? An off-site activity for professionals is an excellent means of getting people to liven up and let loose. For people who are constantly butting heads at the office, such games are perfect to help break the ice and build cohesion.

Why your company should consider indoor team building activities

What major roles does team building play? Is there any point to it? Well, there are numerous benefits that a company gets to reap through indoor team building or off-site activities for professionals. Such benefits include; • It is less tiresome as there’s little physical activity • Planning for indoor activities takes less time and preparation • It is more engaging mentally • Indoor activities require less space • Indoor activities help bring better, more conducive working relationships • It costs significantly less group training in gymWhen looking for an indoor activities, one can get stuck. On one end you could be clueless about interesting activities to do. On the other end, you could have a few options but you aren’t quite sure if your workmates will enjoy taking part. So, here’s a list of fun, interactive, challenging and engaging indoor games and activities that work perfect for team building.

1. A list of fun questions

Here, the workmates are divided into two or more teams. The leader or coordinator chooses one from a list of topics on which to base their questions on. It could be anything from, • General knowledge • Politics • History and so on This activity takes about 20 minutes to complete. It helps people to get their feet wet before getting deeper into the team building experience. Colleagues are prompted to speak to each other, this way they learn more about each other.

2. How creative are the people you work with?

The good thing about such team building activities is that one is not expected to measure up to anything or hit whatever targets. Here, everyone is equal, there’s no winner or loser. When playing creative games, everyone is prompted to use their own imagination. colleagues playing guessing gameFor example, a game can be deduced out of ordinary items we carry such as wallets, coins, notebooks, pens and so on. Some go on to use their faces and other body parts as well. The team then goes ahead to play a game of charades to mimic one or more of their outspoken colleagues whose character or habits are easy to demonstrate. Thereafter colleagues can take turns in guessing who the person is. Team members can use paper to build, paper boats, stars or cheeky little objects.

3. Two truths and one lie

The group can divide themselves into two. Thereafter, they can choose five people from each team to make ten people. Each one of these people can then tell the rest of the people three things about themselves. Those people from the opposite team then have to identify which two of the three things are true and which one is a lie. The team with the most correct answers wins. One team can try and confuse the other team into thinking that the truth is a lie or that the lie is true. This with an aim to gain the upper hand in order to win. This activity is not only fun but is a clever way of getting to know who your colleagues are and in turn letting your workmates know who you are.

4. What’s my name?

This must be one of the most captivating guessing games. The coordinator can write a list of well-known names of presidents, actors, singers, fellow workmates, politicians, athletes and so on. One participant is then asked to come forward and one name is placed securely on their foreheads where they can’t see the name. This participant then has to go round starting from one person and advancing to the next. This person, without using words has to help the participant guess whose name is on their forehead. The team members can choose to time each member within which they need to answer the question correctly. The team with the most correct guesses wins.

5. The egg drop indoor game

man in suit playing jengaMost indoor games may be significantly less vigorous than indoor games. But truth be told, sometimes indoor games can be messy. One such messy game is the renowned egg drop game.The game starts with two separate groups going head to head.Each team is expected to make a construction using eggs. Each construction should be as tall as possible. Each team then chooses a representative to explain why their structure is the best and in what ways it is more superior compared to the opposite teams’ structure. Thereafter, the teams are asked to let go of their packages and to step back. The egg structure that withstands the longest or does not fall becomes the winning ticket for that team. Such an activity prompts the workmates to combine efforts towards achieving a particular goal. Whether a team wins this challenge or not it, the important takeaway are the lessons that the workmates learn during this experience that they can later apply at work. A company will notice significant positive change among workers after such a team building exercise. The workers will work closely and perform much better than before. There will be fewer incidences of workers rubbing each other the wrong way as they will have cultivated stronger bonds. To learn more about team building activities, visit our website for an extensive variety of team building options, events,and activities for corporates, businesses,and companies. We have numerous activities fit for all. We have convenient venues, and affordable deals for that enthusiastic group of people out to have a memorable team building experience.

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