Excellent Team Building Skills Every Employee Must Know

diverse people working togetherTeamwork is critical if you want to have an excellent working relationship with your teammates and colleagues. You will be called upon to work in a team in several areas of your life, whether it’s a class project or even planning a party. The better you are at working with others, the more chances your team will achieve its goals. Oftentimes, employees need to work together or collaborate to complete tasks and assignments. Being equipped with teamwork skills will make your experience much better. You may be good at working well on your own, but using important life skills such as being a team player and self management is a critical skill for most jobs. Here are important teamwork skills that every employee needs to know.

1. Allow Everyone to Contribute

When you are in a meeting with your colleagues, it’s critical that each person gets an opportunity to speak. Make sure you do not cut off your colleagues, and if someone is cutting off others, speak up so that each person has their say.

2. Be an Effective Listener

It’s important to hear what your peers have to say. Often, you may be thinking a lot about the project, and can’t wait for your chance to jump in. but in the time that you were thinking, you may have missed what another person was saying. Ensure that you actually hear others out, because without this, you won’t ever be on the same page. •If you see that your mind is drifting on a certain idea, just note it down quickly, and then turn your focus on what your peers are saying. •Make sure you make an eye contact with the speaker and lean in their direction. Remove anything that could distract you, for instance your laptop or cell phone. •Also, you can try nodding your head while your colleague is talking. This shows the person that you are attentive and listening. •Do not interrupt others while they are speaking. Hold onto your question until the person that is speaking has finished.

3. Provide Regular Updates

teamwork at the meetingEffective communication is a critical part of working successfully in a team environment. Not only do you need to talk about what you expect of your coworkers, but even more importantly, you need to keep your team posted on community projects progress regularly to establish what you have achieved already and the part that still remains. You can’t afford a passive-aggressive attitude when you are working with your peers in a team atmosphere. Passive-aggressiveness is only likely to upset others. If problems arise, confront them immediately and in a professional manner.


•For instance, if you are not happy with how something has been done, the passive-aggressive reaction is to do it how you want it or make a condescending remark. •The professional way of doing it would be to discuss what makes you think that another approach is better. After that, you can go put it back to your colleagues if they reject your idea.

4. Be Willing to Do the Dirty Work

Although you should always play to your strengths, don’t expect to be given your favorite jobs when you are in a group. Despite the task you are working on together, everyone will at one point have to do some grunt work. Be ready to do whatever that needs to be done to accomplish the project.

5. Be Respectful

You may not always like each one of the people you work with, and there is no obligation on your part to like them. But it’s very important that you treat your colleagues with utmost professionalism and respect. Getting in needless arguments with those you don’t like or throwing fists isn’t professional. It will significantly slow down the work of the team.

6. Notice it’s Always your Job

happy team at meetingYou have a fairly well-defined job description when you aren’t in a team atmosphere. But when in a team, it may become necessary that you jump in to assist in areas that are not necessarily part of your job description, especially if someone else needs some help. Being keen to help out will make the team work out more effectively and also builds goodwill.


•Also, coming in when there is a need creates a good impression of you to your boss, which can earn you brownie points. •In addition, there may come a time when you also need help, and if you’ve helped people in the past, your other peers are likely to be more willing to help you when you need it.

7. Assign Roles & Responsibilities

One good thing with teams is that they always pool together diverse talents. It is therefore very important to assign proper role so as to leverage each talent. Also, there could be hierarchy in the roles for instance group leaders and team leaders. In order for the team to be successful, it’s very important to have clarity of responsibilities and roles. In case you are assigned a certain role, make sure you understand your responsibilities and know your role well. Communicate openly with members of the team while following established cultures for respecting hierarchies. Also, you need to be ready to plan hierarchies yourself and assign roles. For this, communication and delegation skills are important.

8. Be reliable

Teamwork success depends significantly on each individual fulfilling the tasks they have been assigned. Team members that are reliable are always valued highly. The fact that you are able to work in a team will give you a lot of strength. Your self-belief will improve immensely.  

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