Encouraging passion of your employee through events

 Every employee has a passion outside Office. 

Whatever be the type  of job that we have, a majority of us spend most of our time in the office then we do in our own homes. There’s nothing wrong with being a hard worker and putting in some extra hours, but it’s important to know that you still need to make time outside of work for you and your family. This is not just about making time for yourself, but making time for passion outside Office. 

Few among us are fortunate enough to have a career that is a combination of our job and passion, but few are not. If you leave the office everyday yearning for more, try jumping back into those things that you are most passionate about. What fuels your fire? Whether it’s content writing, recording music, playing, photography or volunteering activities, if you’re among the few lucky people who get to encompass passion into your regular work day, if not, it’s important to find time for those things once you are back home or participate in corporate events which fulfils this passion of yours. 

We at GetOut! Events would like to share few advantages which our clients had by organising team building events in parallel lines with the passion of its employees. 

It boosts employees performance at work. 

Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work – Aristotle!

The more motivated your employees are, the more smoothly the business functions. Hence, it’s smart to look into ways what motivates your business. Every organisation organises team building events and activities. However, if these activities are in line with employees passion it brings multiple advantages. 

Generally companies try to incentivise the work with a perk or bonus, but one way it to incentivise them with events according to interest. This brings them an opportunity to enjoy work and passion both. As mentioned earlier, such pleasure in job brings perfection the work. 

Establishes emotional connection with employees.

When employees are supported by leaders and able to be themselves, and when employees among themselves are connected with each other, it changes their perception their perception for their workplace. It brings a sense of belongingness in the organisation. Few think that if such a fabled state of emotional connectedness really possible? It is not only possible but also instrumental to the success of organisations. According to CEOs, such as Bob Maresca, CEO of Bose Corporation, “Emotional connectedness undoubtedly inspires discretionary effort and passion from our employees and our customers.” Dozens of other CEOs, such as Hubert Joly, Chairman and CEO of Best Buy, say the same thing.

If they are loved, they feel connected with their work and managers. Take for example people in Singapore are really fond casino during weekends, hence may be companies can organise casino parties and etc. To keep the interest of all the employees, managers these days take employee reviews and plan events according to the majority. 

Learning and development.

Peer to peer learning is a major tool of development. According to research, 55% percent of the employees go to their peers to learn about new skills and only after that they approach their bosses.

Many organisations build a company wide campaigns with a motive to get everyone involved. These campaigns acts as a networking events. With a well-built peer-to-peer learning activity based program in place will act as a complement to more traditional learning programs. The team will learn skills and build long lasting relationships. When these events are in place with employee passion, they will learn about each other passion as well.

Employee Wellness.

Employee wellness absolutely important for organisational success. It impacts on a workplace environment, on its resources and productivity and, ultimately, its bottom line. Parallelly, the physical and mental health of an employee is not just an HR issue but a fundamental foundation for business growth, stability, strength and sustainability.

A new employee joins the team with utmost excitement and energy. To keep this excitement and energy maintained, weekly activities such as sports, dance or games can be organised. Every employee has different passion and is more ignited through different activities. To keep all the employees on the same page, these weekly activities can be scheduled according to their passion. 

The bottom line.

The bottom line is to keep your employees motivated. Work environments and management practices that cultivate the passionate disposition will not only help stimulate and engage workers who are already passionate but also allow those who do not demonstrate all the attributes of a passionate worker to cultivate the missing ones. 

With the financial year coming to an end, are you ready to welcome the new employees? Or are you trying to motivate the existing employees with team building  activities? We at GetOut! Events are already preparing for Christmas and New Year Team Building activities. To know more read on GetOut! events.

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